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1 Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness on Thu May 12, 2011 4:54 pm



Hint: Get the most out of your turn:

If you are trying to level all of your characters mainly by using
team attacks, etc., move all your characters into position for
a team attack. As long as none of them besides the initial attacker
have not performed any actions, after the team attack you can
move them back to their original locations and move them again.
Repeat this as desired. This also works if your characters are
just out of a healers range; you can move them, heal them, then
move them back into battle.

Hint: Etna's diary:
There are two hidden switches in the castle. One is behind the
throne, and another is near the skull on the counter of the Rosenqueen
shops. Flip both of them to allow access to Etna's diary, which
is in the middle corner of the intermediate hallway between the
throne room and the shops. If you visit this area consistently
for each chapter, you will be rewarded with a Testament item in
the final chapter.

Hint: Easy experience:
In stage 5, level 3 (Terrible Cold), there is only one Geopanel
that does not have the invincibility attribute. Combine all the
enemies by throwing them into each other, making one high level
enemy. Throw the enemy onto the Geopanel that is green. Trap him/her
on the Geopanel without invincibility by surrounding him with
your characters. Since all of your characters are on invincible
panels you cannot be defeated, yet you can wear down the high-level
enemy who is trapped on the non-invincible panel. This is a great
way to jump 10 levels at once early in the game. Get to the Jotunheim episode and go to Terrible Cold area. The
entire map will be invincible except for one location. Throw all
of the Sexy Demons together. This should get you about a level
114 Demon. After that, throw her all the way to the corner at
the top of the map that has the "None" status and surround
her, one on each side. It helps if your attack is at least 300
on each of the characters that are attacking. It also speeds the
process if you bring one or two Mages with Brave Heart. Keep casting
that on your characters every turn, as it is stackable. This trick
is worth the time, and gains about four to six levels for each
character in the team attack. In episode 9, level 1, there are only nine enemies in the level.
They are in a 3x3 block. Use Mage's 9 square attack or Laharl's
Winged Slayer attack to hit all of them at the same time. For
any that remain, use your lower characters to finish them off.
You should be able to kill all the enemies on your first turn,
so you never get hurt. This usually works when you are between
level 20 and 45 to 50. Ask the assembly to "Triple EXP" then go to the Jutenheim
area "Terrible Cold". Give the character you wish to
level up your best items because they will need them, depending
on what point in the game you are at. Throw all the enemies into
each other, creating a level 112 enemy. Then throw the enemy onto
the non-invincible square and kill it. You will gain the experience
of killing a level 336 character. By doing this three times, a
level 1 character will be at level 50. Go to Field of Virtue in Celestia (the map with four vampires).
Throw all of them in one square, fusing them into one, and kill
him. Together with the Exp +100% Geo Effect, the experience will
be enough for a low-level character (-50) to gain decent levels.
This works even better with triple experience in Dark Congress.
Statisticians also help, but will not really change much unless
you have 300 of it. Use the following trick to gain ten levels after every battle
First, power up your highest armor to the maximum level by entering
the Item World. Inside the Item World, skip as many floors as
possible. Use the Triple Strike Fighting skill and at least have
Hoggmieser's Earth Shaker. If you are going to use Hoggmeiser's
Earth Shaker to trade places with a Dimensional Gate Keeper, make
sure Hoggmieser still has a chance to move away from the square;
as Hoggmeiser will not advance to the next floor. The best way
to do this is to create a large number of level 1 characters whose
only purpose is to throw your characters to get to certain places,
and to complete a floor in the Item World in one turn. If anything
were to go wrong and ten of those sole thrower characters died,
you will still have a lot more. With this trick you should not
have to fight anyone in the Item World, no matter how strong.
Note that the highest level for a non legendary or rare item is
30. When all this is done, equip one character who is at least
at level 100 (preferably Laharl) with the level 30 or higher armors
you just powered up. Or, he can have two leveel 30 or higher armors
and one level 30 or higher Testament item. Then, enter the Dark
Assembly and try to get a promotion. By now you should be facing
some difficult promotion exams. Do not worry, as you have so much
defense from the armor, the highest attack that they will be able
to do is worth about 2 damage. When you are finally ready for
the last exam, make sure you have Faerie Dust Eclairs and Protein
Shakes ready. Fight Shaitin and the zombies with everything you
have. The zombies should mostly do no damage. If done correctly,
the level 250 Shaitin should be easy. Then, go to the Dark Assembly
again and keep exiting and entering until the number of attendees
is about sixteen. Then, select Cave Of Ordeal from Proposals.
Bribe only the highest level Senators so they will not fight you.
When you try to pass the proposal, you will most likely fail.
You will have to persuade by force. Do your best to take out at
least some of the enemies you feel you can defeat. Use you sole
throwers (the character you created just for throwing tricks)
to lift up very high level characters and ending their turn. Your
throwers will die, but the characters they were holding will not
be able to attack no matter what, so you will get a lot of free
attacks. Send characters to run out of the base panel and grab
the enemies that are on your side so they can throw those high
level Senates on you "real" opponents. By doing so,
your enemies will turn on your side so you will not have to fight
them. In no time you should defeat all the enemies. Now that you
have Cave Of Ordeal, work your way up to the third level. After
each enemy you kill, you will gain a level. When you have killed
so many enemies that you feel you are not gaining enough, pass
the proposal "Stronger Enemies". If you have to pass
by force, by now you should be strong enough so that you will
not have to bribe as many high level Senates to be on your side.
Now that the enemies are stronger, you can keep gaining levels
from the same stage repeatedly. When it reaches the point again
where you are so strong that you feel that your not gaining enough
experience from the monsters, pass the proposal "Stronger
Enemies" again. By now you should be terribly strong (at
least level 300 to 450). Consider this stage the "level gaining

Hint: Easy money:
Use the following trick to get 1.5 million HL per mission
and the hospital prize. If you are already done with the Stellar
Graveyard, you should already be at level 40 or higher. There
is a stage called Cross-Point where all the enemies are equipped
with three orbs (either Moon Orb, Star Orb and/or King Orb).
Capture all these monsters. Note: Go to the hospital before you
unequipped their orbs, heal them, and this will help you gain
more prizes quickly.

Hint: Getting Testaments:
Go to Prinny Land 3 periodically, as you can steal Testament from
Prinny God as many times as desired.

Hint: Overlord Priere:
Complete the "Alternate Netherworld" Side
Area to acquire Priere. To defeat Priere, after killing the other
two monsters, throw her to one of the floating square around the
stage, and pummel using Dimension Slash (or any other desired
skill/magics). If using physical attacks, having more than 45000
ATK is strongly recommended. Note: Her accessory Arcadia cannot
be stolen.

Hint: Witch Marjoly:
Complete the "Beauty Castle" Side Area to
acquire Marjoly. To defeat Marjoly, deal with the two mages first
so they will not heal anybody. Then pummel her with your best
attacks before she uses any of her powerful spells. Note: None
of her items cannot be stolen.

Hint: Tyrant:
When the "Baal Castle" Side Area is completed,
Laharl will be promoted to the "Tyrant". Whenever Laharl
enters the Dark Congress, his "reputation" will be boosted,
meaning that almost any proposal will be approved without bribing
at all.

Hint: Defeating Preier:
Throw each of the enemies onto a different pillar.
Make sure not to put them close together, as Preier can do Omega
Heal, which can heal over 56,000.

Hint: Training high-level characters:
As preparation to level-up the characters, you will
need a tremendous amount of money; 3 billion HL is ideal, but
you could gain money fairly quickly by entering the World of some
powerful item, and then by selling it. Assuming that you have
the highest Customer Rank, shop around and look for items on sale
with at least one 40 Statistician on it. Then enter its world
and subdue the specialist. Note: Having the "exit" will
save a lot of time. For one unsubdued 40 specialist, you will
have 80 when its subdued. Try to subdue and fuse them until they
are exactly or more than 300; which will mean you will need 150
Unsubdued Statistician. Equip the item with the 300 Statistician
you have just made to the character you want to train. Then, go
to Cave of Ordeal 3 and keep killing the monsters there. Having
the 300 Statistician that will actually quadruple your experience.
You will be leveling up four times faster than normal. However,
tripling the experience using Dark Congress will not help much;
it only applies to one monster. If you find Cave of Ordeal 3 too
difficult, go to Field Of Virtue in Celestia instead. Then, fuse
all the vampires into one and kill it. Also use this method when
your character has just transmigrated and is not powerful enough
to complete Cave of Ordeal 3 by himself or herself. After about
one hundred levels (or several hundred after 1500+), transmigrate.
This means that if the level before transmigration was 300, then
transmigrate when you reach 400. Do not transmigrate when the
level is lower than it was before, as this will weaken your character.
Always make sure to transmigrate your character as a genius. If
you do not do this, it defeats the purpose of transmigrating.
Make sure to raise the monsters' levels after they get too slow.
If you raise the monsters' levels to max, clearing the Cave of
Ordeal 3 (level 750 and 810) will give you 20 level boosts after
getting past level 2000. If you want to level-up multiple characters,
then it is recommended to obtain another 300 Statistician, considering
that you cannot transfer specialists within battles. Level up
your weapons as much as possible. Get the legendary weapon by
stealing from monsters or by bonus, and try to max it out to level
100. It is very critical to transfer as many corresponding specialists
as possible; they boost the weapon power. Specialists' power does
not count -- just try to fill the item with the same specialists.
For example, if you were using a sword, then fill the sword with
Dieticians (legendary items have 9-13 Pop in default) and boost
its level. For the bow, fill it with half Dieticians and Marksmen.
It is also critical to defeat all the Bosses in the Item world,
as they increase item power or Pop. After finishing the 30th,
60th, and 90th floor, add another Dietician to it. To deal even
more damage, train your weapon mastery skills. Using the method
for Statician, collect 1900 subdued Armsmaster, equip it, and
go to a stage with invincibility. Fervent Melody in Sea of Gehenna
is recommended. Once there, get an ally to pummel each other,
rather than just killing monsters as usual. This strategy can
gain mastery skills much faster, and you can do this as much as
desired. After you are done, finish the stage. Raising the levels
of each skills, however, is a big challenge. Since there is no
way to boost the speed of gaining skills' levels (Armsmasters
do not help them), all you can do is keep using it. This is, however,
not recommended for monster characters; their skill levels will
be reset to zero every time they transmigrate. The same is true
for character-specific skills.

Hint: Higher Dark Assembly influence:
When at the screen where you can select which character
will address the Dark Assembly, choose any character. Once someone
is selected, go back to the screen that you were just at. Then,
select the same character again. Your Assembly Influence has now
changed to a higher or lower number. Do this as many times as
desired. The number should almost always change.

Hint: Senator Gift List rankings:
The following is a list in order from best to last
when you "Give Gifts" to the Senators in order to have
them vote in your favor when submitting a proposal:

1. Total Support
2. Strongly For
3. In Favor Of
4. Leaning Yes
5. Either Way
6. Leaning No
7. Against
8. Strongly Against
9. Loathe
10. Total Opposition

Of course, giving them an item that has "Must Have!"
will definitely jump at least one space. If you give them an item
that they are just "Interested" in, it sometimes takes
two or more depending on their level. Giving them any lesser items
is a waste of items unless you are desperate for votes.

Hint: Secret character classes:
Reach the following goals to unlock the nine secret
character classes.

Archer: Have a character reach level 3 Bow Weapon Mastery.

Rouge: Both a Brawler and Warrior either Male or Female, each
at level. 5 or higher (both must be present at same time).

EDF Solider: Have a character reach level 30 Gun Weapon Mastery.

Scout: Two Brawlers and Warriors either Male or Female each at
level 5 or higher (both must be present at same time).

Knight: Female Warrior and Female Mage (not a Cleric) each at
level 10 or higher (both must be present at same time).

Ronin: Female Warrior and Brawler with a combined level total
of 20 (both must be present at same time).

Ninja: Male Warrior and Male Brawler with a combined level of
20 (both must be present at same time).

Angel: Knight, Female Cleric and Archer each at level of 100 (all
must be present at same time).

Majin: Male Warrior, Male Brawler, Ninja, Rouge, and Scout each
at level 200 (all must be present at same time).

Hint: Secret levels:

Mysterious Seal: Earn a high enough rank at the Dark Assembly,
then pass the bill. Used to unlock Marjoly.

Alternate Netherworld: Earn a high enough rank at the Dark Assembly,
then pass the bill. Used to unlock Priere.

Cave of Ordeals: Earn a high enough rank at the Dark Assembly,
then pass the bill. Used for getting the God's Hand and for extreme

Human World: Complete the human invasion chapters, and pass the
bill. Used to get the Human Conqueror ending.

Prinny Land: After the reincarnation chapter, pass the bill. Used
to unlock more Prinnies.

Baal's Tower: Beat ALL levels of the Mysterious Seal and the Alternate
Netherworld. Used to fight Baal and Uber-Prinny Baal

Hint: Secret items:

Mr. Gency's Exit: In Chapter 3, speak to Dimensional Gatekeeper.
Note: After receiving this item from her, just complete every
ten floors in the item world to get another one.

Staff of Sorcery: In Chapter 8, speak to Gargo.

Vile Brilliance: In Chapter 11, speak to Manty.

Diabolical Sword: In the last Chapter, Speak to Ghoss.

Testament Emblem: Unlock Etna's Chamber at Chapter 1. Read each
memory of hers at the end of each Chapter until the endgame.

Longinus Spear: Have a character reach level 25 Spear Mastery,
then enter the dark assembly and speak to Longinus.

God's Hand: Unlock the Cave of Ordeals level at the Dark Assembly,
then clear stage 5.

Hyperdrive Shoes: Get to Item World floor B100 and defeat the
Item God 2. Note: If you leave the item, you cannot get them.
If you do. you must start over at floor B1.

Hint: Endings:
The following is a list of all eight endings and how
to unlock them.

Good Ending: Clear the last stage (Sacred Altar) with no ally
murders (deliberately killing your own allies) during the game.

Dark Assembly Ending: Clear the last stage having passed more
than 100 bills at the Dark Assembly by force.

Item God Ending: Defeat the Item God on floor B100 of a legendary
item with at least one ally kill.

Human Conqueror Ending: Finish the last stage (EDF Headquarters)
of the Human World map.

Flonne Ending: Have 50 ally murders by the time you finish the
last map (Lavish Hall) in the third episode (A Hint of Kindness).
Then when you have the choice to kill Hoggmeiser, select to kill

Etna Ending: Have 100 ally murders by the time you finish the
last map (Ice Queen) in the fifth episode (Etna's Secret). You
will be offered the choice to kill someone. Choose to kill them.

Mid-Boss Ending: Lose to Mid-Boss at least once during any of
the times in which you fight him. This requires all ten fighters
to be dispatched.

Normal Ending: Have at least one ally kill in the game.

Hint: Better hospital items:
When you earn prizes at the Netherworld hospital, you
can get rare versions of the prizes. When a prize becomes available,
just keep selecting "Get Treated" and go back and look
at the prize in "Claim Prize". The stats will have changed.
Keep repeating the process until it has the desired stats or rarity.
Note: You do not have to heal anyone when selecting to get treated.

Hint: Capturing monsters:
To catch any monster type character in the game, just
pick up a enemy and toss them in your base panel. When the enemy
is in your base panel, all of your characters in the base panel
will try to make the enemy submit. If you catch it, that character
will be in your party after you complete your current stage. Note:
You can not catch Bosses or humanoids.

Hint: Forbidden throw:
You are only allowed to throw in four directions (up,
down, left or right). However, if you change the direction of
your throw in the split second that the throw cursor changes,
you will be able to throw your person sideways, northwest, northeast,
or any other forbidden direction. It may be difficult to perform
at first.

Hint: Ronin with 777 HP:
Create a Ronin and make her skilled. Get her to level
27 (she will have Counter 2). Equip her with the following: Broad
Sword (Rarity 83, SP+ 6, Atk+ 65), Power Jacket (Rarity 217, HP+
4, ATK+ 15, DEF+ 51), (Rare) Belt of Will (Rarity 17, HP+ 9, ATK+
47, DEF+ 3), Muscle Victory (Rarity 88, HP+ 311, RES+ 25). If
this does not work, try putting those items on her when you create
her. Rarity does matter.

Glitch: Attack on Dark Cannon:
Use some skills on Dark Cannon created by Scouts to
see some interesting graphical glitches. For example, using Jack
The Ripper on Dark Cannon makes it look as if it doubled itself.

Glitch: Totenkreuz damage:
When used Totenkreuz gun skill, it seems that the skill
dealt the damage twice. However, it actually deals damage only
once. So, the actual damage on target is half the "Total
Damage" displayed.

Glitch: Cannot return to base panel:
In the stage Neo Eden in Human World, for some reason
you cannot return to the base panel, even if you tried to throw
someone in it. The only exception is when you choose a character
but cancel it within the same turn.


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