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Secret Character classes:
There are ten secret character classes. To actually
unlock the classes you need to pass the proposal to create the
new class at the Dark Assembly.

Archer: Have someone reach Level 5 Bow Mastery.
Ninja (Male): Have someone reach Level 5 Weapon Mastery with Fist
and Sword.
Ninja (Female): Have someone reach Level 5 Weapon Mastery with
Fist and Staff.
Samurai: Have someone reach Level 5 Sword Mastery.
Gunner: Have someone reach Level 5 Gun Mastery.
Heavy Knight: Have someone reach Level 3 Spear Mastery.
Magic Knight: Have someone reach Level 3 Weapon Mastery with Sword
and Staff.
Beast Tamer: Capture a monster.
Sinner: Have someone in your party become a criminal.
Chaos Soldier: Successfully complete the game.
Wiseman: Do over 500 Plus Color Change Combos (acquire 500 or
more cumulative points on a Geo chain; you can unlock this class
before you get to Episode 2)

Hint: Defeating Geo Master in Geo Panel
Instead of following through the weird labyrinth to
reach the Red Geo panel, bust the Blue one and turn whole field
into Invincibility panels. Then, throw the Geomaster into the
home panel. He will destroy it, but as result it will create empty
panel, and will be vulnerable. Either surround him, or throw Marionets
on him to power him up then surround him. This results in a fast
win and experience.

Hint: Secret rooms:
On some floors in the Item World, there are secret
rooms that you can enter. Inside are rooms where you can earn
rare items or buy items not found in the stores in Holt Village.
Below is the list of rooms you can find and what they do. Also
note that the room is randomly selected upon entering and once
you leave the room. You will return to the floor you are currently
on and another secret room will not appear again until at least
three floors later.

Seven Monsters: Defeat all seven monsters in the room in two turns
and the level of the item you are in will increase by three.

Treasure Guardian: Fight the guardian and you will have a chance
to loot his treasure and gain experience.

Free Treasure: A few Free Treasure chests that you can loot.

Orc Pirates: A few Treasure Chests and some information on the

Hospital: Recover HP/SP and resurrect fallen characters.

Bribery Shop: Sells special items you can use to bribe Senators
at the Dark Assembly.

Mana Potion Shop: Sells Mana potions.

Equipment Shop: Carries Equipment, may have Rare and Legendary
items for sale.

Cellphone Store: Sells various cellphones.

Department Store: Has a Bribery, Mana Potion, Equipment and Cellphone

Scroll Store: Sells Weapon Scrolls.

Collector: Adds a Collector specialist to your item.

Fortune Teller: Tells your fortune and gives you luck (Changes
the item level). Good = +3 Levels, Great = +10 Levels, Bad = -3
Levels, and Worst = -9 levels.

Shady Bar: Pay either 10,000 Hell or half of all of your characters
HP, and at the start of the next battle your bonus gauge will
be filled.

Hint: Senators:
The following is a list of each senator party, their
rank in the Assembly, and voice (the amount of points they add
when they vote), as well as any special conditions they may have.

Ghost Party: They often fall asleep and may have their votes skipped.
To remedy this, simply bribe them with the Bomb item at a sleeping

Orc Party: They love women. All females who present a bill will
have a better standing with them

White Dragon Party: Bribing them has the opposite effect.

Mothman Party: They love monsters. All monsters who present a
bill will have a better standing with them.

Wood Golem Party: They hate the Rifle Demon party and are always
against them

Rifle Demon Party: Often they get drunk and could possibly vote
the other way. To remedy this, give them the Medicine item as
a bribe.

Hint: Extra stages:
The following is a list of all twelve extra stages,
how to unlock them, and what you win for clearing them. Note:
Some items you win can only be earned once and will not appear
again, even on subsequent playthroughs.

Extra Stage 1: Anytime on your second or subsequent playthrough,
and have a character with at least 33 felonies, pass the proposal
"I Want To Fight The Hero Of Another Game!". Defeat
Asagi to receive the Postcard Accessory. Note: You can only be
earn one.

Extra Stage 2: During Episode 12 or 13, pass the proposal "Return
Of The Prism Rangers!". Defeat all the Prism Rangers and
Adell will be given the title of "Prism Black".

Extra Stage 3: At any time call Kurtis via Cellphone three or
more times and pass the EDF's proposal to "Rescue The Earth
Hero!". Complete the level and you will earn the Accelerator.
Note: That you can earn one of these on every play through.

Extra Stage 4: Any time after clearing Extra Stage 3, call Kurtis
three or more times using the Cellphone and pass the EDF's proposal
to "Rescue The Earth Hero Again!". Complete the stage
and you will earn the Earth Hero ID Accessory. Note: You can only
earn one.

Extra Stage 5: Have your play time to at least 20 hours and be
on Episode 1 to 9. Pass the proposal "I Want To See The Ending!".
You will fight a battle against Mid-Boss. Win it and you will
unlock Proposal Ending 1.

Extra Stage 6: During Episode 1 to 9 on your second or later playthrough,
have a character with at least 66 felonies pass the "Unleash
The Fallen Maiden!" proposal. Defeat Priere and you will
receive the Felicitation (can only earn one) and her proposal
at the Dark Assembly

Extra Stage 7: At any time, have a character with 99 felonies
pass the "Break The Mysterious Seal!" proposal. Use
this to fight Marjoly. Win the battle to get the Sexy Panties
accessory. You can only earn one. Also, be sure to steal Marjoly's
items. They are one-of-a-kind. Once you get them, you cannot earn

Extra Stage 8: Have your play time to at least 40 hours and be
on Episode 12 or 13. Pass the proposal "I Want To Fight An
Overlord!". Complete this stage and Flonne will join your

Extra Stage 9: Clear Extra Stage 8 and be on Episode 12 or 13.
Pass Flonne's proposal to "Summon Laharl!". Completing
this stage will finally add Laharl to your party.

Extra Stage 10: During Episode 1, pass the proposal "Pick
A Fight With An Overlord!". Defeat Laharl and you will unlock
Proposal Ending 2.

Extra Stage 11: At any time during the game, clear ten different
Dark Sun stages and pass the proposal "Meet The Strongest
Overlord!". You will be sent to battle Lord Zetta (in book
form). Defeat Lord Zetta and Adell will take the title "Badass

Extra Stage 12 (Part 1): At any time during the game, clear 25
different Dark Sun stages and pass the Proposal "Meet The
Tyrant Baal!". Win this tough battle and you will be rewarded
with the incredibly powerful Makai Wars accessory. Note: You can
only earn one.

Extra Stage 12 (Part 2): At any time during the game, clear Extra
Stage 12. You will be allowed to fight Prinny Baal. This is probably
the most difficult fight in the game. You do not really get anything
for winning except for the satisfaction of defeating the hardest
Boss in the game. You can steal the Prinny Suit accessory from
Prinny Baal. Note: You can only earn one.

Hint: Endings:
The following is a list of all the endings and how
to unlock them. Note: Ally murders are defined as deliberately
murdering your own units by your characters. The only exceptions
to this are Geo Chains, Throwing a Prinny, and Tink's "Goodbye
Tink" attack.

Normal Ending: Finish the game as usual.

Tink's Ending: Complete the game with Tink at level 1,000.

Felony Ending 1: Complete the game with Adell having over 10 Felonies
and committing over 50 ally murders.

Felony Ending 2: Complete the game with Adell having 99 Felonies
and you having committed over 100 ally murders with Rozalin among
them. If you get this ending you will be forced into an extra
battle that you must win to start a new cycle.

Axel's Ending: Get a Game Over during any of the times you fight

Proposal Ending 1: Pass the bill "See The Ending!" and
complete Extra Stage 5.

Proposal Ending 2: Pass the bill "Pick A Fight With An Overlord!"
then complete Extra Stage 10.

Etna's Ending: Defeat Etna in stage 3-4 and Adell's title will
change. You will then receive this ending.

Laharl's Ending: Defeat Laharl in stage 11-7. Your game will automatically
end and you will receive this ending.

Hint: Adell's titles:
The following is a list of all the titles that Adell
can receive during the game. Note: The titles can only be earned
once per play through.

Archer Guards: Have Adell stand next to Legendary Senator Venus
when he is at the Dark Assembly. This can only be obtained once
you pass the bill "I Want To Become A Senator!".

Demon Lord: Defeat Etna in stage 3-4.

Prism Black: Complete Extra Stage 2.

Badass Overlord: Complete Extra Stage 11.

Lord Master: Defeat Prinny Baal in the Land of Carnage's Item

Hint: The fast track to felonies:
If you want to have a large number of felons in your
party, or give felonies to more than one party member at a time,
simply toss a stack onto the Dark Court's gate when accessing
the Dark Court. The Prinny residing as judge will make some comment
about bringing your entire entourage, being young punks, then
award felonies to the whole stack. No repeatedly going through
the item world just to increase one member's felonies when you
can toss a stack of nine characters onto the gate at once.

Hint: Dark World:
To unlock the Dark World, you must first hit the five
hidden switches found in Holt Village. The switches are located
as follows.

Switch 1: Behind the fallen pillar behind the Dark Secretary and
Post Master.
Switch 2: Next to the back door of Adell's house.
Switch 3: Behind Zommie III's house.
Switch 4: On the side of the pathway behind Mario Boy.
Switch 5: In the front right corner.

Once all switches are hit, Friday Mk II will appear near the location
of the fifth switch. Talk to her three times and on the fourth
time she will issue you a challenge. Defeat her challenge and
you will unlock access to the Dark World.

Hint: Unlocking Dark World stages:
After defeating Friday Mk. II, you will be granted
access to the Dark World. To unlock each stage you must fulfill
a certain requirement on the corresponding stage. Note that once
the requirement is met, you will either have the option of entering
the Dark World or you will be forced into it; sometimes with the
positions on map carried over. It would be best to complete Stage
13-4 before unlocking the Dark World as you may not be able to
progress through the game if you get stuck on a map. Also note
that once you unlock the Dark World stage it will be available
at the map selection screen at Holt Village and you will not need
to fulfill the requirement again.

Area 1: Town Fields
Beginner's Field: Defeat Friday Mk. II; Unlocks the rest of
the Dark World stages.
Reflection Pond: Clear Stage Without taking damage.
Psycho's Hideout: Take at least 1 damage from an enemy.
Dead Tree Field: Defeat a Green Skull.

Area 2: Zenon's Palace
Banquet Room: Clear stage in two turns.
Sanction Room: Clear stage in one turn.
Room of Despair: Clear stage moving nine panels or less (total
of all characters). Canceling the move does not count.
Sealed Room: Make a tower of two characters.

Area 3: Murderer's Vault
Poisonous Swamp: Spend eleven turns on map.
Dangerous Refuge: Destroy a Geo Monster.
Corpse Garden: Make a tower of five characters.
Tragedyland: Clear stage without throwing.

Area 4: Dallos River
Blood Valley: Destroy all Geo Panels.
Life Exchange: Fuse five enemies together.
Red Waterfall: Fuse all enemies together.
Dragon's Mouth: Spend thirty turns on the stage.

Area 5: Cavern of Evil.
Glutton's Hideout: Let one ally get killed.
Eternal Oblivion: Clear stage with less than five allies called
Shriek of Death: Make a tower of eight characters.
Dark Ruins: Kill all enemies with Tower Attacks.

Area 6: Battle Arena (Episode 6)
First Battle: Make a tower of ten characters.
Second Battle: Clear the stage with less than seven allies called
Third Battle: Fuse seven enemies together.
Fourth Battle: Clear the stage by attacking only once.

Area 7: Battle Arena (Episode 7)
Fifth Battle: Destroy all Geo Panels,.
Semi-Final: Clear the stage without taking any damage.
Final Battle: Throw an enemy into one being held.

Area 8: Colosseum Depths.
Hades Corridor: Change the colors of six Geo Panels.
Loser's Gallows: Destroy a Geo Monster.
Confession Room: Clear The stage without using any actions under
Survivor's End: Clear the stage without taking any damage.
Putrid Courtroom: Get the Bonus Gauge to Level 4.
Sunken Altar: Thrown an enemy into another enemy being held.

Area 9: Alche City.
Dead Metropolis: Move a character to a height of 64 DM.
Grave of Alchemy: Clear the stage by collectively moving no more
than 11 panels.
Altered Town: Get the Bonus Gauge to Level 2.
Snarling Capital: Get a character to a height of 84 DM.

Area 10: Carcassed Lands.
Rotten Fields: Fuse five enemies together.
Luring Nightmare: Destroy all Geo Panels.
Rebelling Spirit: Deal a total damage of 500+ to a single enemy.

Dead Breath: Get the bonus gauge up to level 3.

Area 11: Shinra Tower.
Geo Challenger: Clear the stage without taking any damage.
Witty Contest: Do not destroy any Geo Panels.
Death To Cowards: Deal a total damage of 1000+ to a single enemy.

Defiler Ambition: Clear the stage with less than 4 allies called
Evil Temptation: Clear the stage without using any commands under
Warped Knowledge: Clear the stage without taking any damage.
Holy Tower: Clear the stage using only Tower Attacks.

Area 12: To Zenon Castle.
Overlord's Sign: Fuse all enemies together.
Crystalline Maze: Do not destroy any Geo Panels.
Mysterious Trap: Make a tower of nine characters.
Dancing Fools: Make a tower of three characters.
Agito The Reaper: Clear the stage using only one character.
Castle Gates: Deal a total damage of 2000+ to a single enemy.

Area 13: Zenon's Castle.
The Lord's Party: Clear the stage without taking any damage.
Time of Trial: Deal a total damage of 2500+ to a single enemy.

Killers' Hall: Nullify all Geo Panels.
Final Decision: Deal a total damage of 3000+ to a single enemy

Hint: Land of Carnage:
To unlock the Land of Carnage, simply defeat all sixteen
pirate groups and collect their treasure maps. After you have
all sixteen, give them to Hawkeye the Collector. You will be able
to travel to the Land of Carnage. While the Land of Carnage uses
all the same maps found in the Normal World, be warned. The Land
of Carnage increases the difficulty of the maps you have cleared
in Holt Village significantly. The bonus level however is much
higher than the normal maps bonus level

The pirate groups that must be must defeated to get the maps are:

Stage 1 and higher
Ambling pirate
Bashful pirate
Chicken pirate
Dancing pirate
Prinny Pirate
Orc pirate

Stage 21 and higher
Monk pirate
Hunter pirate
Gate pirate
Wealthy pirate
Animal pirate
Jolly pirate

Stage 41 and higher
Ninja pirate
Prism pirate
Red pirate

Stage 61 and higher
Z pirate

Hint: Recruit Axel:
Visit the Land of Carnage anytime during Episodes 3,
9, 10, 11 and after clearing stage 13-4. Speak to Axel and he
will join your group. Note: He will only be in your party while
you are in the Land of Carnage.

Hint: Recruit Fubuki:
Visit the Land of Carnage after clearing stage 13-3
and talk with Fubuki. Note: He will only remain in your party
while you are in the Land of Carnage.

Hint: Recruit Kurtis:
Speak with him in the Land of Carnage. It is recommended
that you complete Extra Stage 3 and 4 before you recruit him.
Note: He will only be in your party while you are in the Land
of Carnage

Hint: Easy experience:
Use the following trick to get experience and HL quickly,
especially at low levels or when leveling reincarnated characters.
Go to a map that features Geopanels that level up the enemy characters
each round (such as the Red Waterfall stage in the Dallos River
chapter). These panels level up the enemy monsters by a certain
percent of their current level. For example, an Enemy Level Up
10% would level up level 20 to 29 enemies by two levels each round
and level 60 to 69 enemies by six levels each round, etc. If you
skip your turn repeatedly, the levels of the enemies will keep
increasing and make it much more rewarding to take them out with
characters when the enemies do not normally give so much. Note
that when the monsters level up, although their max HP increases,
they will retain the HP they started out with. This makes it much
easier than expected to kill them. Also note that letting the
levels of the enemies get out of hand may signal a game over,
as while they retain their HP, their stats will still increase.
This makes it much harder to damage them, let alone hit them.
Keep someone at the Geocrystal to destroy it if the need arises.
This technique for leveling is quite effective for powerful long-ranged
characters such as mages, as they can attack the high-level monsters
from outside of their move ranges. After you have acquired the Dark World from "FridayMKII",
go to the first one and have your Healer/Priest/Bishop etc. use
Braveheart on your characters to have them kill the Observer's
quickly with either a combo or a stack and kill the one closest
to spawn. Then, kill the another one but keep one of them alive
so that the Dark Sun can revive the others and keep going. Note:
If your characters are not strong enough to take them out quickly,
do this until you think your characters may die and end the battle,
heal, then repeat. After unlocking the Cave Of Ordeals, go to the first stage and
destroy one of the geo-symbols. This will create a chain-reaction
that will weaken all of the archers so that they can be easily
defeated by almost anybody. Because they are level 60 Bow Masters
they will give you a lot of experience. Do this repeatedly while
going to the healer in between battles and saving the game. Also,
this will result in good rewards. This trick is best for leveling healers, preferably one at a time.
Go to Dark World 1-4. Have your healer walk up and kill the closest
magician with a powerful Heal skill. You may need to level up
the skill a bit so that you can use it at a longer range, and/or
equip your healer with some shoes. Your healer will not need any
defense items. Next, take out a character with a decent throw
range and have him or her stand behind your healer. If the first
skill did not kill the magician, throw your healer back into the
base panel; otherwise, throw your healer onto the space where
the magician was. Regardless of what was done, bring in a third
character and throw the second character into the base panel.
Keep doing this until you have just one character backed against
the base panel, who will likely die unless you know how to do
a diagonal throw and have a character backed up all the way against
the wall. End your turn. The remaining magicians will be unable
to harm your healer. From that point, just throw low-level Heal
spells at them until you have noticed that they have all stopped
using spells. Then, just heal them to death. Note: this may work
best with a Ghost who has learned to heal because they recover
SP every turn. Even better, if he gains more SP every turn than
he uses, then you will have virtually unlimited SP.

Glitch: Symbol description:
When you look at the description of the "Game
Over" geo-symbol, it reads "At end of turn, if allies
are on panel, then game over". However apparently it is also
a game over if enemies stand on the panel.


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