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Rate - "Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure"

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1 Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure on Thu May 12, 2011 5:05 pm



All skaters:
Enter friendsofbob as a case-sensitive code.

Level select:
Enter extremepassport as a case-sensitive code.

All created skater items:
Enter sweetthreads as a case-sensitive code.

Special meter always full:
Enter supercharger as a case-sensitive code.

Lion King FMV sequence:
Enter savannah as a case-sensitive code.

Toy Story FMV sequence:
Enter marin as a case-sensitive code.

Tarzan FMV sequence:
Enter nugget as a case-sensitive code.

Special tricks:
Collect 25 medals for a character to unlock a special
trick. There are 25 medals per character in each level. Each character
has a total of three special tricks.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Jane: Bring down Clayton's tent in Human Camp.

Jessie: Turn on all the arcade machines in Pizza Planet.

Lil' Romeo: Complete all the goals in Olliewood.

Nala: Grind the water hole in Scar's Canyon.

Rafiki: Collect the elephant spirits in Elephant Graveyard.

Terk: Free the gorillas with Tarzan in Clayton's Ship.

Zurg: Defeat Zurg by removing his batteries with Buzz Lightyear
in Zurg's Fortress.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Clayton's Ship: Complete 8 goals in Jungle Treehouse and Human

Elephant Graveyard: Complete 4 goals in Pride Rock.

Human Camp: Complete 4 goals in Jungle Treehouse.

Pizza Planet: Complete 4 goals in Andy's room.

Scar's Canyon: Complete 8 goals in Pride Rock and Elephant Graveyard.

Zurg's Fortress: Complete 8 goals in Andy's Room and Pizza Planet.

Hint: Human Camp: Secret slide:
Go to the upper right of the camp to go in a grind.
Grind until you get to the river edge. Go to the ramp in the water.
Go to the left where you jump to the ramp and jump to the north.
Then, go to the cave to go on a secret slide.

Hint: Extra points:
Anything with a balance meter can be used to get alot
of points. Just move the pointer slightly. Do not move it hard,
or you will wipe out. Also with lip tricks or grinds, keep pressing
Triangle to switch tricks. For example, if playing as young
Tarzan and you do the lip trick "Takes A Steady Hand",
press Triangle to switch to " Close To The Edge".
This is very useful for getting high and extreme scores.


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