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1 Dog's Life on Thu May 12, 2011 5:18 pm



Cheat Mode:

Press Square(3), hold Square and release
two times, then press Left, Right, Down during
game play. If done correctly, your dog will bark three times,
growl twice, and fart once and the cheat menu will be unlocked.

Hint: Regain health:
Use one of the beg moves near a human and they might
give you a treat.

Hint: Move list:
Note: Unlock the extra moves by winning Doggy Doo games.

Bark: Press Square.
Growl: Hold Square.
Sit down: Press Down.
Lie down: Press Down while sitting down.
Sit up: Press Up while lying down.
Stand up: Press Up while sitting down.
Shake body: Press Left, Right, Left.
Beg 1: Press Left, Right, Up.
Beg 2: Press Right, Down, Up.
Beg 3: Press Left, Up, Down.
Beg 4: Press Left, Left, Right.
Beg 5: Press Left, Down, Up.
Fart or poop: Press Left, Right, Down.
Pee left: Press Left, Down, Left.
Pee right: Press Right, Down, Right.

Note: Press Left, Right, Down while in a
river, lake, or pond to fart in water for a funny result.

Hint: Different collars:
When Jake bathes, he also gets a new collar, and a
new J to match it.

Hint: Free food:
In some areas there is a slot machine called "Lucky
7". Have Jake pull the handle. If the rows match up, Jake
will get some food. If it lands on all "7"s, he gets
a bunch of food.

Hint: Treats from animals:
To get a free treatm grab an animal (chicken, cat,
or skunk). A treat will fall from it. Press Square and
Jake will shake most of the feathers or fur off it. If you grab
a skunk, press Circle hard. Jake will pitch him in the
air. Giving you time to bolt without being sprayed.

Hint: Make cats fur-less:
In the village houses place, you will see the cats
run by. Do not bark. Instead, wait for the "Grab" option
to appear. Grab it, and start to make the "Bark" command.
Jake should start shaking it. Wait until you see the fur change
to an orange color. That indicates that it has no fur. Do not
worry about the paws or the head; they will not change.

Hint: Make skunk fur-less:
Pick up a skunk by pressing Circle. Then, press
Square. Jake will bark and the skunk will be hairless.

Hint: Boom City: Easy bones:
First, get over 71 bones. Then, enter the Dog Pound
in Boom City and then unlock the cages. You can now roam freely.
There should be four bones on top of the cages. There are also
two bones that you can dig up.

Hint: Boom City Station: Sleeping Bandit:

You will need the police dog. First, have Jake go up
to where the warehouse is located. Jump on the first platform,
then on a crate and push the button. Then, get the German Shepherd
and have him climb up on the roof and take the jumps. Once inside,
have him grab the big "blocks" and pull them out in
a line, then down. The opening across from the entrance has a
bone. To save time you can have the German Shepherd get it and
toss it down. The middle one leads to the bandit, and the other
one is a dead end. Once in the middle one (with the German Shepherd),
run down the ledge/path. Once in the warehouse, walk slowly (no
barking) down the ramp and around the path and down again. Have
the German Shepherd pull the lock on the door, then run back up
underneath the bandit. The "Pick Up" option should be
available. Have him grab the mask, and he will automatically take
it back to the cop.

Hint: Boom City: Finale:
To save Daisy, have Jake run down the first ramp and
push the button. Then, back up the ramp and around the path. Down
the next ramp are two buttons to push. Back up the ramp and go
around the path then down another ramp. Pull the lever and follow
the arrow up the next ramp across the round object and down. Pull
on that lever, then run over to the crates. Hop up them and back
down onto another ramp/path. Go past the turn slightly and push
that button. Then, go back and down the path across another round
object down another ramp. You will see a U-turn sort of arrow
on the ground. Turn around and run past the crate of cat food.
There is another button just past that which is easy to miss.
Then, keep going forward and up yet another ramp. Follow the path
around all the bends until you get to a square area, a big machine,
and a small pile of wrenches/screwdrivers. Have Jake toss three
of these into the machine and it will break.

Hint: Boom City: High Street helicopter:

Have the Husky run up the steps by the mall. (where
the bath is) and up and across the roof and down onto the platform
the get the helicopter.

Hint: Boom City: Second thief:
Once you get the Greyhound, run under the man and bark
non stop. You will hear him saying things such as "Nice doggie"
and "Hush now". That indicates that he is following
you. Walk around the bottom slowly, barking non-stop. Once you
get him all the way to the end, run around the corner (keep going
forward); then around the corner, up the steps, around the next
corner, and grab the bag. Once he has it, he will take it to the

Hint: Mountain Top: Fix antenna:
To fix the antenna at the mountain top, take that pigeon
feeder off the mall landing on High Street. Toss it close to the
antenna on Mountain Top.

Hint: Ski Slope: Snowball fight:
When the kid tells you to throw snowballs at him, go
into Smellovision after picking up a snowball. Back away from
him a few steps, aim for his chest, and throw. A sound will indicate
when you have hit him correctly. After the third one, he will
drop the bone. Once you are doing it correctly, the kids will
throw snowballs at Jake.

Hint: Ski Slope: Snowman parts:
The coal is in the house/shack up there by the snowman.
The arms are in the trees north of the snowman. The nose (carrot)
is in a trash can next to the ski lift where the people come out.
The hat is on the decking of the cafe up the stairs where the
ski lift is located.

Hint: Doctor Who reference:

In the Clarkesville village, there is a parrot
that glows green in Smellovision. When you bark or just stand
near it, it will make random remarks. One of these is "Intruder!
Intruder! Exterminate! Exterminate!" This is a reference
to the often seen Daleks in Doctor Who.

Glitch: Animals walk on water:
Pick up an animal (for example, a cat, skunk, or chicken)
and carry them in the water. Let them go, and they will be walking
on water.


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