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1 Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers on Thu May 12, 2011 5:19 pm



Hint: Getting special moves:
Quickly collect five cogs to get one letter from the
word "SPECIAL" in any level. Keep collecting cogs until
the entire word is spelled out. Complete the level to learn a
special move.

Hint: Getting the Gold Thread:
At some points in the game where there is an obstacle,
there is a way through it. To get the thread you will need two
things: hyper mode and a breakable object. They are about three
of them in each stage. You can see some of them through the path,
and others are things that you jumped over.

Hint: Special moves:
To execute a special move, butt stomp three consecutive
enemies then quickly press R1 followed by one of the following
codes. If done correctly, Donald will be invincible for a brief
amount of time.

Duckie Mountain
Yogabound: Press Up, X(4).
Ring a Ding-Ding: Press Up, Circle(4).
Soap Opera: Press Up, X, Circle, X,
Pole Pose: Press Up, X, Circle(2), X.

Soccer Shop: Press Right, X(2), Circle(2).

Spicy Golf: Press Right, Triangle(4).
Fab Lifting: Press Right, Triangle(2), Square(2).

Magica's Mano
Tap Ten: Press Down, Triangle, Square,
Triangle, Square.
Ballet Basket: Press Down, Square(4).
Stilt Tilt: Press Down, Square(2), Triangle(2).

Hint: Defeating Merlock:
When one part of the floor shakes, go to the other
part of the floor and dodge the fireballs. The pin-like things
being shot from the front are harmless. When he splits up into
four forms, hit the one whose pendant glows and repeat. Use caution
because the less energy Merlock has, the more floor tiles fall
into the lava.

Bonus screen:
Complete 100% of the game (all tasks completed in each
level, all costumes unlocked, all special moves unlocked) to view
a screen featuring the characters in the game.

Bonus level:
Collect all the kid toys then go to the warp pad that
the kids were standing on.

Alternate costumes:
For each 10 Golden Threads collected, a new costume
for Donald will be unlocked.


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