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1 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 on Tue May 17, 2011 12:06 am



Goku with halo:
Enter JaanaM inna-! Shinda raMata Aouna- ! as
a password in the Japanese, European, and North American Greatest
Hits versions of the game.
His stats are:

Level: 120
Defense: 10
Vitality: 18
Arts: 20
Ki: 20
Capacity: 15
Attack: 20
CPU: 17

Piccolo Daimao:
Enter Gahaha Saikou da!!!- Saikou nokibu nda!!!
as a password in the Japanese, European, and North American Greatest
Hits versions of the game. [Screenshot]
His stats are:
Jaime Garcia.

Level: 120
Defense: 20
Vitality: 18
Arts: 20
Ki: 12
Capacity: 20
Attack: 15
CPU: 15

Alternate Future Trunks:
Enter DoumoS umimas enOmat aseshi mashit a as
a password in the Japanese, European, and North American Greatest
Hits versions of the game.
His stats are:

Level: 120
Defense: 20
Vitality: 20
Arts: 16
Ki: 20
Capacity: 15
Attack: 16
CPU: 13

Super Vegeta:
Enter GL@nhK aU!pL+ RJ$Pkf znDvf% ZW#sXp ZGa(Oi
a s a password in the Collectors Edition of the game.

Android 16:
You must first complete Krillin's Dragon Universe mode
once. Start Krillin's Dragon Universe mode a second time. During
the Namek Saga, there will be a point where two red markers will
be available on your map. Go to the easternmost marker to start
a conversation with the Captain Ginyu frog (a frog containing
Captain Ginyu's consciousness). After the scene, proceed through
Dragon Universe mode as usual. You will reach the Android Saga
as a new feature to play Krillin's Dragon Universe mode a second
time. During this Saga, search the chain of islands on the southern
portion of the map. You will find a "plains" area. Once
there, Krillin and Trunks will find a damaged Android 16. After
the scene, fly to West City where Bulma will repair Android 16,
and he will be unlocked.

Android 17:
Defeat Android 17 as Piccolo in Dragon Universe mode.

Android 18:
Complete Dragon Universe mode as Krillin.

Have a saved game file from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
and Budokai 2 on your memory card. Start Dragon Ball
Z: Budokai 3
and create a saved game file. You will be notified
that you have unlocked Bardock. When starting Dragon Universe mode, fly over to Raditz's spaceship.
You should see a "???". Enter it, and you should get
him. Alternately, keep checking the Sayian Space Pod, and at one point
you will be able to go to it and find Bardock. This was found
near the end of story mode when playing the first time. In Dragon Universe mode, and choose either "New Story"
or "Continue" and select Goku Note: In order for this
to work you must be on Earth. In the beginning before you go to
face Raditz, and fly to the northeastern part on the map by the
Snow Mountains/Red Ribbon Army Base. You will see a Space Pod.
Fly to it, and it will say "Saiyan Spaceship". Go inside
to get a capsule and unlock Bardock. Complete Dragon Universe mode with Goku at least three times.
Then before fighting Raditz, go near the mountains. You will see
a spaceship sunk into the ground. It should be described as "Saiyan
Spaceship". Enter it to get him. To unlock Bardock, complete Goku's Dragon Universe story twice,
then play it a third time. Before you fight Raditz, fly around
the map. You should eventually find a Saiyan Spaceship crashed
on the plain. The scroll of paper that usually appears on the
top right of the screen will read "Saiyan Spaceship".
Land there, and a dialogue should appear, informing you that you
have unlocked Bardock. Bardock can be used in tournament, practice,
and all the other modes except Dragon Universe.

To unlock Broly, complete Goku's story twice in Dragon
Universe mode. Then, in the Buu Saga, when you get to the part
when Mystic Gohan gets absorbed by Super Buu and Goku starts looking
for someone to fuse with, look around the area. You should see
a "???" on a scroll of paper. Land there. Goku will
start talking to Hercule, then leave. Next, fly to the red dot.
Before landing on it, look around the area. You will see "???"
on a scroll. Land there, and you will see Tien. Goku will see
Tien injured, and he will leave. Then, go to the dot, fuse with
Vegeta, and beat up Super Buu by using Vegito. After that, a dialogue
will appear with Vegito being absorbed. After that, defeat Super
Buu inside his own body, and after that a dialogue will appear
with Kid Buu destroying Earth. You will then be able to fly around.
However before you land on the dot, search around the area where
the red dot is found. You will see "Mountains" written
on a scroll of paper. Land there, and you will talk with Kibitoshin.
He will say that a power greater than Buu has arrived on Earth.
Vegeta will say that he will hold off Kid Buu while you check
out this new power. After that dialogue, fly to the red dot and
it will be Broly. Defeat him to unlock him. He will have a story
in Dragon Universe mode. You can also use him in Tournament, Dueling,
Practice, etc. As Goku, complete Dragon Universe mode at least three times. On
the third time, you will fight Broly. Defeat him to unlock him.
Go to the Desert/Mountains and speak to Kibito southwest of the
next marker. After you fight Buu inside himself, Goku and Vegeta
will sense a different energy. Then, go to the next marker to
face Broly. Defeat him to unlock him. In Goku's Dragon Universe mode, defeat Majin Vegeta, then Fat
Buu. Then, do not fight Super Buu. Instead, go to the mountains
near Goku's house. Supreme Kai will talk to you, and say that
he senses another power worse than Buu's. Go to and defeat Super
Buu, then defeat him again inside Buu. When youmust fight Kid
Buu, Goku and Vegeta will sense another power. Go to the red dot
to fight Broly (who is very huge). Defeat him to unlock him. Use the following trick to unlock Broly, Goku (SS4), Gogeta, Gogeta
(SS4), and Omega Shenron (with Goku). Before looking for Vegeta
for the Vegito Fusion in the Buu Saga, look for Hercule near where
Buu absorbed Gohan. Slightly southwest of the red dot you, should
find Tien. He is unconscious. Just south of him you will find
Supreme Kai. He will say he feels a larger force then Majin Buu.
Fuse and fight Buu. During the final fight, instead of fighting
Kid Buu, Vegeta will tell you to find the larger power and defeat
it. Defeat Broly to get his capsule. After Goten and Trunks will
challenge you to a Fusion, fight at the World Tournament Arena
as Gotenks against Gogeta. Instead of fighting him, look for a
"???" to the northeast of the World Tournament on one
of the small islands. There you should get Goku's SS4 capsule.
From here, go to West City near the bridge. Talk to Bulma about
the Dragon Radar. Afterwards, go to the World Tournament and take
on Gotenks. After defeating him, you will get Gogeta's Capsule
and Omega Shenron will appear. Go to Central City. Once there
you will fuse with SS4 Vegeta and get the SS4 Gogeta capsule.
Defeat Omega as SS4 Gogeta to get his capsule. Note: These are
the five most difficult characters to get in the game.

Broly: Effective techniques:
Broly's large body gives you an advantage over most
opponents, even the very small ones. Constantly attacking your
opponent with physical and Ki attacks can cause heavy damage,
but may leave you open to counter attacks. Holding R1 launches
Broly's Clothesline, which sends opponents flying backwards. This
is very effective in World Tournament matches. To gain an easy
victory, practice doing the following: fight with your opponent
using only physical attacks such as kicking and punching, increasing
your Ki until you have five or more bars of energy (preferably
maximum energy). Transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan when
you are as close to your opponent as you can get. This will stun
your opponent for a short while. As soon as you have transformed,
press L2 and go into hyper mode. Your opponent should be
about ready to fight again. Press L2 again before they
get a chance to dodge, Note: If your opponent dodged ultimate
attack, dash towards them and stop in mid air, then dodge right
or left by pressing X + Up or X + Down,
as they are likely to blast or punch you while you are dashing
at them. Press L2 again immediately and catch your opponent
off guard. This should send your opponent into the air and launch
Broly's Ultimate Attack. Note: If you fail at any point during
the previous combo, you can leave yourself open to a lot of damage,
especially from a SS4 Goku. This requires practice, but you will
eventually be able to land Broly's ultimate attack immediately.

Broly: Fight multiple times:
After you defeat Broly, you can fight him as many times
as desired the next time on Goku's Dragon Universe story. Go to
the mountain area where you fought Vegeta for the first time.
Before you go to the first red dot, there should be a Battle Point.
Use it to fight Broly, and level up quickly without Dragon Arena.

Broly: Level 25:
Enter xDWKH fvNCO$ hcmlyY *+-x(S cz!fjR #iAVxi
as a password. This will give you Broly with Legendary Super Sayian,
Gigantic Press, Gigantic Meteor, Senzu Bean, Health: 20, Attack:

Broly: Level 99:
Enter vq&Eu? TJNnqR NPAtlW bIiZhZ gV%oJM nkJYHe
as a password.

Captain Ginyu:
Defeat Captain Ginyu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

Captain Ginyu: Level 40:
Enter eCyF%% LJIWhU YiCWZ* Er%ied qx!jKX x?FmWZ
as a password.

Defeat Cell as Teen Gohan in Dragon Universe mode.

Cell Jr.:
You must first unlock Dragon Arena mode. You must be
fighting with a level 20 to 40 character, and should be battling
opponents well above your level (over level 30). If you continue
to do this, eventually Piccolo will break in and challenge you.
When you defeat him, Cell Jr. will be unlocked. You must first unlock Dragon Arena, then fight a lot of level
40 or above opponents. Fight enough battles and defeat Piccolo
when he breaks in to unlock Cell Jr. The easiest way to get Cell Jr. is to go through Dragon Universe
mode with Piccolo. Get to the Cell Sagas then battle and defeat
him. You will then Battle Cell Jr. and be able to unlock him.

Defeat Frieza. SS Vegeta will appear under the location
where he was defeated. After defeating SS Vegeta, go to Cooler's
red dot. Defeat Cooler to unlock him. Note: Before SS Vegeta will appear under where you defeated Frieza,
you must play through Dragon Universe mode as Vegeta and defeat
Frieza and Cooler. When this is done, SS Vegeta will appear as
a red dot to the southwest of where you defeated Frieza. Defeat
SS Vegeta, then go to Cooler's red dot. Defeat him to unlock him.
To unlock Cooler, who is Freeza's brother, play Goku's Dragon
Universe mode a third time, or anything more than the two times.
After the first time you defeat Freeza, there should be three
red dots on your map. First, fly to the one to the left. It will
be Vegeta Super Saiyan. He will tell you that he turned into a
Super Saiyan, and defeated Freeza. Defeat Vegeta, and then you
will see one red dot on your map. Fly to it, and a dialogue with
Cooler will appear. Then, you will fight Cooler. Defeat him to
unlock him. He will have his Final Form. Cooler can be used in
tournament, practice, dueling, and all other modes except for
Dragon Universe. Note: For players who are not very skilled, try
to kill Cooler. Do not let him power up to his Final Form, as
he will be a bit more difficult.

Defeat Dabura as Gohan in Dragon Universe mode.

Dr. Gero:
Defeat Dr. Gero as Yamcha in Dragon Universe mode.

Defeat Frieza as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

Gogeta (Vegeta):
Bought from Skill Shops (random) when you have the
Black Membership Card. Alternately, play as Vegeta in the second Dragon Universe. In
the Buu Saga, you should find Bulma in a plain somewhere. Talk
to her, and she will tell you to visit her later. Then, fly to
West City. Pick up the present she has for you (Super Sayain 4).
Next, fly to the red dot to the south. Once there you will meet
Super Sayain 4 Goku. Defeat him and you will get the capsule for
Gogeta. To fight Broly and get Gogeta with Vegeta, go to Muscle Tower
and talk to KabitoKai. Then, fight Super Buu. Once you escape,
you will sense Broly. Fight him, then you with get an invite from
Trunks and Goten. Fight Gotenks at the World Martial Arts Tournament
and you will unlock Gogeta for Vegeta.

Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Teen

Goku: Level 99:
Enter cxgsYD cU-e@M fc-J$( HNMkJt Tcn)yd @?ZntN
as a password.

Defeat Goten as Gohan in Dragon Universe mode.

Bought in the Capsule Shop.

Great Saiyaman:
Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Gohan.

Hercule/Mr. Satan:
During Piccolo's Dragon Universe mode, search the desert
south of Kami's lookout near Fortune Tella Baba's palace after
the event at Central City, but before fighting Buu. Once you find
Hercule, you will then need to fly to Central City and talk to
Videl, which will unlock Hercule.

Kid Buu:
Defeat Kid Buu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

Kid Goku:
As Goku in Dragon Universe mode, at the beginning look
for someplace that reads "Grandpa Gohan's house". After
you go to it and Goku talks to his grandpa, you will unlock Kid
Goku. Alternately, successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Broly.

Kid Trunks:
Defeat Majin Buu as Vegeta in Dragon Universe mode.

Majin Buu:
Defeat Majin Buu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

Metal Cooler:
In Goku's Dragon Universe mode (second time), after
youu defeat Frieza once, go to the red dot at the top. It will
show Cooler there and he will talk. Defeat him and another intermission
sequence will start. Then, Metal Cooler will appear. After talking
to him you will be on the map again. Instead of fighting him go
a short distance to the north. You should find his capsule to
change into Metal Cooler.

Omega Shenron:
To receive the Omega Shenron capsule, you first have
to defat Broly. Goku will then say that a paper flew from the
sky, and Trunks and Goten want a fusion battle. Go to an island
northeast of the World Tournament. Once there, you will get Goku's
Super Saiyan 4. Go to West City and Bulma will talk about the
Dragon Radar. Then, defeat Gotenks at the World Tournament. A
new red dot will appear. Go to it to fight Omega Shenron, then
defeat him. You will receive the Omega Shenron capsule. In order to battle Omega Shenron, you need to be playing through
Goku's Dragon Universe mode a second time. In order to battle
Omega Shenron, you must have collected Goku's SSJ4 capsule. With
this done, fulfill the requirements for fighting Broly. Once you
have defeated Broly, ignore the red dot on the map and fly to
West City. Goku will have a a conversation with Bulma about the
Dragon Radar. Proceed to the red dot on your map and defeat Gotenks
at the World Tournament using the Gogeta fusion. Once you have
done so, a new red dot will appear on your map, where you will
find Omega Shenron. SSJ4 Vegeta will arrive, and he will fuse
with Goku to form SSJ4 Gogeta. You will battle Omega Shenron in
this form. Defeat Omega Shenron, and you will unlock him. Defeat Broly a second time. After you get an invitation to fight
Gotenks, do not go to the red dot. Instead, go to to Bulma at
West City. She will talk about Vegeta training to go to SS4. Afterwards,
you can fight Gotenks at the tournament. Instead of it ending,
it will continue and you will have to fight Omega Shenron. Defeat
him to get his capsule.

Omega Shenron: Level 99:
Enter *cT)xz tgGtuI yUivbR bPiTLv
mtNuRf BJulNf as a password.

Defeat Adult Gohan when breaks in to Dragon arena.

Potara Fusion Kabitoshin:
To unlock the Potara fusion you must first unlock Supreme
Kai on Adult Gohan. Defeat Kid Buu. and before fighting Broly
go to the west. There will be a little island covered in forest.
There will be a "Forest". Open it and you will have
the Potara fusion.

Defeat Recoome as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

You will first need to unlock Dragon Arena. Your character
should be level 10 to 20 and facing opponents at least twice your
level. Nappa will eventually break in. When he is defeated, you
will unlock the Saibamen. In Dragon Arena, fight opponents between levels 31 to 35 and Nappa
or Kid Gohan will break in. Defeat them to get Saibaman. Their biggest strength is their one bar limitations. This means
if you have seven Saibamen (seven bars of health), something like
Big Bang Kahmehameha X100 or Super Spirit Bomb is only worth one
bar of health (one Saibamen), as you cannot kill or hurt more
than one at a time. Also, their best move is their Self-Destruct.
It may take away the rest of the bar of health you are on (killing
your Saibamen), but you can do major damage with the correct skills
and conditions. Latch on to them to do much more damage. Because
they have no specials, it is a very big disadvantage. However
you can make it work by combining Self-Destruct with many fighting
combos. They are also fast also. Keep away half the time and bombard
them with fighting skills the other half.

SSJ2 Gogeta:
After defeating Broly in Dragon Universe mode, defeat
Gotenks at the World Tournament Arena.

SS4 Gogeta:
Defeat Omega Shenron to unlock SS4 Gogeta. Use the following trick for an alternate SSJ4 Gogeta. Have the
fusion For SSJ4 Gogeta and eqiup it with Goku in his GT outfit
(blue). Then, charge up all the way and transform into SSJ4 Goku
and do the fusion. Gogeta should have white hair and a dark skin
color. Note: To use the SSJ4 Gogeta capsule as either Goku or Vegeta,
you must have the opposite character's SS4 form or you will just
get the Kamehameha as an attack.

Super Buu:
Defeat Super Buu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.


2 Re: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 on Tue May 17, 2011 12:06 am



Supreme Kai/Kaioshin:
Go through Adult Gohan's Dragon Universe mode a second
time by searching the map, viewing the two Videl events, then
defeating Goten. After both of those have happened, go to Kami's
lookout and defeat Piccolo. When the Dabura marker appears, go
to the part of the mountains located on the northeast coast of
the main continent to have a conversation with Vegeta. Afterwards,
proceed to destroy Debura. Gohan should now change his mind and
pursue Vegeta instead of Buu. Defeat Vegeta, then go to the red
dot on the map, but before facing Buu. Look around the immediate
area. There is a "plains" location which is easier to
find by using the Ki-search (R1) near Central City, where
you will find Supreme Kai. He will be unlocked for you after the
scene with Gohan.

Teen Gohan:
Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Kid Gohan.

Successfully complete Dragon Universe as Vegeta.

Trunks: Level 99:
Enter k?zqOD tpk)@O SCJlyx )rzpli wdRK#& !!nZke
as a password.

Trunks (young):
Defeat Majin Buu in Dragon Universe mode as Vegeta.

When fighting Kid Buu, use the Spirit Bomb technique
when not a Super Saiyan as the finishing blow.
Have Kaioken, SS1, SS2, and Spirit Bomb as skills when you fight
Kid Buu with Goku. Use Spirit Bomb when not Kaioken, SS1, or SS2
(just normal Goku). Gather more energy than him and Goku will
turn Super Saiyan and attack Kid Buu.

Uub: Level 99:
Enter ZYWd #fz$!v jV*?xV *xe*#P FlxrSU UHQ$ZI
as a password.

Defeat Vegeta as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

Vegito (Goku):
Defeat Super Buu as Goku in Buu's Body in Dragon Universe

Vegito (Vegeta):
Defeat Super Buu as Vegeta in Buu's Body in Dragon
Universe mode.

Go to the Plains as Gohan in Dragon Universe mode.
This is done during your second time through Gohan's Dragon Universe
mode. When you start with adult Gohan in Dragon Universe mode,
go directly to Master Roshi's house (Kame house). As soon as you
get there, go to one of the large islands in the south. It should
say "Plains". Once there, Yajirobe, Goten, and Videl
should say something. After the talk with the three of them, go
to Goku's house, which is near by Grandpa Gohan's house. A short
distance away from Goku's house, it should say "Plains".
Go there and you will talk to Videl. After you are done, you will
have unlocked her.

Gogeta capsule:
Play Dragon Universe mode as Goku or Vegeta. Continue
until you will get an invitation from Goten and Trunks to fight
in a fusion battle instead instead of fighting Buu or Broly. Win
the fusion battle to get the Gogeta capsule.

SSJ4 Gogeta Fusion:
On the Majin Buu map, defeat Omega Shenron as Goku.

SSJ4 Gogeta Fusion:
On the Majin Buu map as Vegeta, enter all the red dots
and other areas beside the red dots after every red dot.
SS4 Goku:
Have 30,000 Zeni and go to the Skill Shop It will rarely
appear. If you win the Adept or Advanced Tournament first, it
may appear sooner. After defeating Kid Buu with the Super Spirit Bomb, and before
you go to fight in the World Tournament, go to one of the islands
just north of where the compass is on the map. You will see a
"???". Land there and you will get SSJ4 for Goku. Note:
You may have to complete Dragon Universe mode a few times before
you do this. After defeating Broly, do not go to Vegeta or Bulm. Instead, first
go to where the World Tournament area is found in Dragon Universe
mode. Search around those islands and you should find a "???".
Goku will begin saying things like his head is throbbing. He will
turn Super Sayian, then back to regular Goku. You can then go
to Bulma or Vegeta. Note: You may need to complete Dragon Universe mode first. After
your first fight with Buu to your last fight with Kid Buu, search
the entire map after each fight. At some point you will find Goku's
Super Sayian 4 skill. This has happened just before fusing with
Vegeta to fight Super Buu, and it appeared as a "?????"
at the bottom right area. However, this may vary from game to
game. Complete Dragon Universe mode as Goku. Make sure you collect all
of the Dragon Balls. Shenron will appear with a list. Select "Breakthrough
(Goku)". You will have all of his skills, including SS4 Goku. In story mode, unlock Goku's breakthroughs and equip it to him.
Charge to maximum energy and transform. You will now be SS4. In Goku's Dragon Universe mode a second time, after Gohan is absorbed
by Super Buu, do not go to the red dot on the map. Instead, look
around and you should find a "???" area. Go to it and
talk to Hercule. Then, go near the red dot but do not go to it.
Look around again and you should find another "???"
area. Go to it and you should find Tien. Look around again to
find a mountainous area, and you will talk to Kibitoshin. After
that, proceed as usual, and after you fight Super Buu in his body,
Goku will sense another energy other than Kid Buu. However, before
you fight Broly, search the islands east of the World Tournament
to find the Super Saiyajin 4 capsule. Then, go to the red dot
on the map to fight Broly. Win, and you will unlock him. Note:
If you equip SSJ4 before fighting Broly, it will make the battle
easier. There is a way to get Goku's SSJ4 form the first time you play
Dragon Universe mode with him. Before going to the martial arts
tournament, go to the island where it is being held at. Move northeast,
and on one of the islands you will see "???" on a scroll.
Go there to get SSJ4 Goku.

SS4 Goku: Easy wins:
Select the following capsules with Goku: Kaioken, SSJ,
SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, Kamehameha, and Spirit Bomb. Attack your opponent
with physical blows, such as kicks and punches, and use combos
to knock them back (without using any energy blast). When your
opponent hits the floor, power up your energy. As they rise to
their feet again, dash towards them and hit them so that they
fall to the floor. Once your Ki is at maximum, transform into
SSJ4 while standing as close as you can to your opponent. Notice
that your opponent will be unguarded and stunned for a few seconds.
As soon as you finish transforming, press L2 to turn into
hyper mode. Then, press L2 again. If done correctly, you
should send your opponent into the air and try to do a Spirit
Bomb. However, the Spirit Bomb fades and the energy will flow
into Goku. He will launch the Super Dragon Fist attack at your
opponent. This combo can cause heavy damage quite early in the
battle. Also, transforming SSJ4 next to your opponent then using
your Forward + Circle Kamehameha attack will do
almost one full bar of damage, as your opponent cannot block it.

SS4 Goku: Alternate appearance:
Unlock SS4 Vegeta and SS4 Goku. Go to practice mode
and play as Vegeta and fight Goku (both with SS4). Set the Com
settings on "Match" and when Goku transforms, he will
have blue jeans and gray body hair.

SSJ4 Goku:
On second time through in Dragon Universe mode, defeat
Kid Buu with the Super Sprit Bomb. There will a continuation of
Dragon Universe mode. Do not go to the red dot. Instead. look
around the small islands next to it. You should find "???".
Go to it. and you should get Goku's SSJ4 capsule. When you first start Dragon World, before you defeat Raditz, fly
around the map/ Sooner or later you will encounter a place called
"????". There will be a Dragon Radar. To use it, press
Triangle. There will be either one or two Dragon Balls
in each saga. After you complete the Dragon World, you will get
a list of wishes. Highlight breakthrough, which unlocks all of
Goku's moves including Super Saijin 4.

SS4 Vegeta:
Buy it at the Skill Shop for 30,000 Zeni (randomly),
after you get the Black Membership Card. Complete Dragon Universe mode as Vegeta. Collect all of the Dragon
Balls. At the end. Shenron will appear. Wish for "Breakthrough
(Vegeta)". You will have all of his skills, including SS4
Vegeta. He will have a new attack instead of "Galick Gun".
In story mode, unlock Vegeta's breakthroughs and equip it to him.
Charge to maximum energy and transform. You will now be SS4. After you come back to the Buu Saga to fight Super Buu, do not
go to the red dot. Fly to the snowy mountains. Then, talk to the
Supreme Kai. Next, fight Super Buu twice. Goku should then say
"I'm going to fight Buu". Go to the red dot and fight
Broly. After that, go to the next red dot. Fight Goku Super Sayaian
4. After that, he should say "I lost fairly". You will
then get the SS4 for Vegeta.

SSJ4 Vegeta Transformation capsule:
On the Majin Buu map, go to West City as Vegeta to
see Bulma.

Babidi's Pot capsule:
In the Chapter 12 tutorial, you will be taught how
to taunt your enemy. For completing this, you will get the Babidi's
Pot capsule.

Bonus items:
Have a saved game from Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2
on your memory card to get a Silver Membership Card, Babidi's
Pot, and Bardock.

Dragon Radar:
Keep looking all around the map as soon as you start.
Pick a point and go in a small angle so that you move out just
a little bit at a time. You will see a marker appear with "?????".
This may take some time, and you may find some money or capsules,
but you will find the Dragon Radar along with two Dragon Balls
in the first area. Do the same type of search pattern on each
area to find everything; even places to fight and level up, along
with friends who will give you skills and even a level up or two.

Alternate costumes:
Press Left when choosing a character at the
selection screen.

Alternate stage:
When selecting a stage, instead of pressing X,
press Circle. The stage to look as if you used a devastating
move (Super Spirit Bomb, Big Bang attack etc.). Note: This cannot
use with Inside Buu, Supreme Kai's World, or the World Tournament

Control loading screen:
Rotate the Analogs-sticks to make the Saibamen
grow. Note: If you go into Dragon Arena, start a match, then remove
the game disc and choose "Reselect characters", you
will get stuck and be at a perpetual loading screen, where you
can make hundreds of Saibamen appear.

Skip credits:
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
+ Start. After you complete Dragon Universe mode with any character once,
press X or Start. After pressing L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 +
Start at least two times, you can then just press Start
to skip the credits.

Membership cards:
These are located in Goku's Dragon Universe. All three
membership cards can be found on an island just north of the "Golden-Gate"
looking bridge. After going through Goku's Dragon Universe a few
times, all three will be there to be collected. To get all membership cards, look all over the map and get all
the "???" items. At some point you will find a Black
Membership Card. Go in there again and you will get all the membership
cards. The Silver, Gold, and Black Membership Cards can also be bought
at the shop after your character spends a certain amount of money.
The Black Membership Card will appear for purchase for a character
that has spent over 250,000 Zenie in the shop. The Gold Membership
Card will appear for purchase for a character that has spent over
100,000 Zenie in the shop. The Silver Membership Card will appear
for purchase for a character that has spent over 1,500 Zenie in
the shop. To get the black membership card, buy it for 6,000 Zenie.

Find the Dragonballs in Dragon Universe mode as follows,
and you can wish for a Breakthrough Capsule, Memories, or some
rare Green Capsules.

Two Dragonballs are in Saiyan Saga (Earth)
The first ball is by the white plains; around Red Ribbon Army
The second ball is between the upper two main islands.

Two Dragonballs are in Frieza Saga (Namek)
The third ball is at the upper right island.
The fourth ball is on the left island near map border, southwest
of the upper left island.

One Dragonball is in Cell Games (Earth)
The fifth ball is found where the compass is on the map in the

One Dragonball are in Buu Saga (Earth)
The sixth ball is by the main island towards the middle by North
The seventh ball is at a little sandbar island (resembles a beach)
near the martial arts tournament.

In Kid Gohan's story mode, there are four Dragonballs on Earth
and three Dragonballs on planet Namek. Some Dragonballs may be
in the water. To find Dragonballs easily, have the Dragon Radar. Then, fly very
fast and turn every ten to fifteen seconds.

Baba Crystal Balls Movie 00:
Unlock all Ultimate Move skills and the Baba Crystal
Balls Movie 00 will now be available for purchase at the Skill
Shop for 120,000.

Baba Crystal Balls Movie 01:
Buy the Baba Crystal Balls Movie 00 and the Baba Crystal
Balls Movie 01 will now be available for purchase at the Skill
Shop for 120,000.

Breakthrough (All character):
Can be bought for 75,000 for each character at the
Skill Shop after you have Baba Crystal Balls Movie 01 and get
all Breakthroughs for each playable character in Dragon Universe

Ultimate Skill Moves (All character):
Can be bought for 50,000 for each character at the
Skill Ship after you have unlocked all characters.

Dragon Arena:
To unlock the Dragon Arena, complete Dragon Universe
mode with all characters except for Broly, Krillin, Piccolo, Tien,
Vegeta, Yamcha, Goku, Gohan, Teen Gohan, Kid Gohan, and Uub.

Grandpa Gohan's House:
Play as Kid Gohan in Dragon Universe mode, the second
time through. Instead of fighting Piccolo in the Mountains, go
to Grandpa Gohan's House and defeat Goku.

Adept World Tournament:
You can buy the Adept World Tournament; it consists
of four rounds and sixteen people. For winning, you will receive
30,000 Zenie. You will get 15,000 Zenie for being the runner up.

Advanced World Tournament:
You can buy the Advanced World Tournament; it consists
of five rounds and a thirty two contestants. For winning, you
will receive 50,000 Zenie. For being a runner up, you will get
25,000 Zenie.

Cell Games Tournament:
Defeat Cell when he appears in the Dragon Arena matches.
Before you fight Cell, go east to the second part of the continent.
Look around and you should see a "?????". Go over to
it and you can fight Cooler there.

Additional difficulty settings:
Complete Dragon Universe mode under the very hard difficulty
setting to unlock difficulty Z. Complete Dragon Universe mode
under difficulty Z to unlock difficulty Z2. Complete Dragon Universe
mode under difficulty Z2 to unlock difficulty Z3. Complete Dragon
Universe mode under difficulty Z3 to unlock a trophy. Note: For faster completion of the Z modes, use characters that
have a short Dragon Universe mode. Note: This will also get your
character some more levels. However it will be difficult to defeat
enemies on Z2 and Z3. Use the following trick to complete the Z, Z2, and Z3 difficulty
settings easily. First, start any character's Dragon Universe
mode under the very easy difficulty setting. Then, play through
it until you reach your selected character's last battle. Before
fighting your opponent, save and exit the game. Go to the "Options"
menu and change the difficulty to the highest setting available.
Then, continue your selected character's Dragon Universe mode
and fight the battle. Continue doing this until completing the
Dragon Universe mode under the Z3 difficulty. By doing this, you
only have to fight one battle under each difficulty setting.
These difficulties are very difficult. Use a strong character
in Dragon Universe who has a short storyline (for example, Broly;
he is strong and his story is about five battles long). They will
be difficult and it will be frustrating, but if you want to completely
beat the game, this must be done. To get Z mode, complete it under
the Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty with any character. It does
not have to be the same one each time. To get Z2 mode, complete
Z mode. To get Z3 mode, complete Z2 mode.

Entering passwords:
In Dragon Arena, select 1P vs. Com and choose your
fighter. When selecting your opponent, press R1 + Start
to enter the password. Enter it "as is", keeping the
correct upper and lower case characters. You can also use the
character yourself if you do 1P vs. 2P in Dragon Arena; tap R2
when selecting your fighter.

Hint: Finding capsules and items:
Start your flying through the sky of your world map
at the bottom left hand corner, or where your impending Boss battle
will start (at the red dot). Angle your triangle indicator on
the world map slightly to the right, then hold your Left Analog-stick
+ L1. Make sure your arrow is at a slight angle
so that you will not skip over anything. When you see a scroll
flash by in the top right corner of the world map, release L1
and just hold the Left Analog-stick Down until you
reach the scroll that you flew past. This is also effective when
searching for the Dragon Balls themselves, with or without the
Dragon Radar. If after a battle on the red dot you find yourself
back at the world map, start the process over again at the red
dot. New items and capsules will be added to the world map. If
after visiting a scroll or city you can still see it, go back
to it again. You never know what you might get during your second
trip around. After defeating an opponent at the battle point scroll,
you can go back to it, but it will not result in as much experience
points as during the first time. Before you start flying, make
sure your view is towards the ground (press the Right Analog-stick
); sometimes you can see items (sparkling flashes of light).
Use the following trick to find the Dragon Balls easily. Go into
Flying Burst mode (Left Analog-stick Up + hold L1)
with the Dragon Radar on the screen (use Triangle). Zoom
around the screen with a slight angle on the Right Analog-stick.
Look at the Dragon Radar, and when you see an orange dot on it,
stop. Turn around and fly (not on Fly Burst mode) and look around
until you see an orange dot and land there. First, find the Dragon Radar. Once you do put it on, keep going
forward while holding L1. Keep looking at the Dragon Radar
and you will eventually see a Dragon Ball.

Hint: Easy World Tournament wins:
This can be done with any character, but Omega Shenron
is recommended. Enter the World Tournament under any difficulty
setting and choose your character. At the start of each match,
press Away(2) and Up/Away to one of the edges. Wait
there, and when your opponent attacks, press Forward +
X to warp behind them and knock them out of the ring. Sometimes
you may get into a "warp battle", but if you have enough
Ki, you should win. Once the match starts, press R2 to go into a rage. The
opponent will start to run towards the edge. Then, just knock
them out of the ring. Unlock Kid Goku, then use him in the tournament. When you are
fighting, push or go to the edge of the ring or close to it. Press
R1 to push the enemy out of the ring or knock them off
guard and attack him to push him off. Get Uub and buy the move Ki Cannon. When you start, you must have
enough Ki bars to use it quite a few times. Keep using Ki Cannon,
and it shoots you far back. Keep doing this and you will knock
them out of the area. This is very useful if you want to unlock
advance. When in the World Tournament, do not just press L2. Instead,
use L2 + R2 to makes it go twice as fast. Use Ubb and put on Ki Cannon then any of the Sparking! Capsules.
Use the Ki Cannon immediately from the start. It is very easy
to knock your opponent out of the ring. Simply continue to use
the Ki Cannon and they will fall out.

Hint: Easy power struggle win:
When you do an ultimate move, there is the power struggle
that you will always lose depending on the CPU's results. The
following is what to press in the power struggle.

The first round is Square.
The second round is Triangle.
The third round is Circle.
Note: It is best when it reaches "MAX".

Hint: Easy way to buy moves:
Keep going in and out of the Skill Shop. Sometimes
you will see a recommended, Sparking ($100,000), or rare move/item,
or the green capsule.

Hint: Faster way for break- ins:
Unlock a level 99 character. Fight him constantly and
defeat him. In about three fights someone will break in. This
is best done with Goku at level 40 to 45.

Hint: Flying in battles:
In a battle, hold Up/Away to go in the air.
When in the air you can go back down by holding Down/Away.

Hint: Easy money:
Go to any character's story in Dragon Universe mode.
Start a new game and find as much money as possible on the first
Earth level. Save and quit, then repeat the process as many times
as desired. Buy Sparking!!!!!!! (400%) at the skill shop and equip it to Broly.
Then, enter the Adept Tournament. The first place prize is 150,000
Zenie and second place is 75,000 Zenie. Alternately, have a character
at level 75 to 81 defeat all Brolys, and some Omega Shenrons.
Then defeat seven characters level 1 to 80 and defeat level 98
Vegeta to obtain Sparking!!!!!!! Note: Part 2 is in Dragon Arena.
Look around Earth, and in a forest there will be 8,000 or 10,000
Zenie. Remember the location, save, and get out. Re-enter Dragon
Universe mode and repeat the process. Play in World Tournament as Captain Ginyu, Choose Body Change,
and the second highest Sparking (uses six slots 200%). When the
fight starts, charge up to four or more Ki bars and use Body Change.
Once you have changed bodies, you will be your opponent, and he
will be Ginyu with no moves. Note: Make sure you do not let him
change to you. Do this in every match, unless you encounter someone
that would be a waste of time changing with (such as Mr. Satan).
Go to Dragon Universe mode as Vegeta. Destroy East City then pick
up the "???". Next, go to the snow covered land. You
will see "???". Pick it up, then go north into the water.
You will see another "???". Pick it up, save the game,
then quit. Start a new story and continue the process until you
are satisfied. Note: This trick requires the skill "Sparking!!!" and
Broly.. Enter the tournament as Broly and give him the following
skills: Sparking!!!, Legendary Super Saiyan, and Blaster Shell.
Then, keep using Blaster Shell. Your opponent will be more vulnerable
if you can just punching them repeatedly. Also, you can wait until
the opponent goes into Hyper Mode, then dash backward toward the
edge. Wait until they get fatigued, then use Blaster Shell to
eliminate them. You can also do this with Omega Shenron. Just
give him Sparking!!! and Whirlwind Spin (just in case). Make sure
that you have max Ki, then fly to the very edge and wait for your
opponent to strike. Then, teleport behind them and punch them
out of the ring. Select the Advanced Tournament. As your character, choose Kid
Buu and equip him with Sparking!!!!!!! (the highest one). Go to
the edge of the tournament arena and wait for your opponent to
attack. Then, teleport and hit them out of the ring. Kid Buu has
a lot of energy. If you make a mistake, you can teleport again.
Select New Story with Vegeta. Go through the dialogue and choose
your moves. When you start in East City, go there and blow it
up. Immediately go to get 8000 Zenie. Press Start, choose
to save, select "Yes" for save, "No" for continue,
and repeat as desired. Go into Dragon Universe mode and select Kid Gohan. Complete the
entire thing. After you have finished, go back into Dragon Universe.
Select Kid Gohan again. When you start, you should see another
dot over by Grandpa Gohan's house that was not there before. Go
to it. After you are done talking to Goku, fly up to the icy island
in the upper-right corner of the map. Search around for 5,000
Zenie. After that, fly just slightly towards Kami's Hideout. You
should see a river with a road and a tiny bridge. There is another
5,000 Zenie over there. Next, fly all the way to the bottom-left
corner of the map.Search around there. Eventually, you will find
a "???", which is 23,000 Zenie. Then, fly across the
islands at the bottom of the map. There is 5,000 Zenie near the
World Tournament, and 12,000 Zenie at the end of the islands near
the Kame House. The combined total should be about 45,000 to 50,000


3 Re: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 on Tue May 17, 2011 12:06 am



Hint: Easy wins:
Use the following trick to defeat Raditz, Nappa, and
Vegeta easily. Find a battle point and keep fighting Saibermen
until your health reaches whatever level you desire. Note: Its
is a bad idea to keep doing it when on 10. Use the following trick to get into Kaioken state and get the
first hit. Set Kaioken state on Goku and then set Kamehameha.
Just when the fight starts, turn into Kaioken and use your death
move. If done correctly, you will always get the first hit in
and be in Kaioken state.

Hint: Easy experience:
Use the following trick to easily level the Saiyan
Saga characters. Unlock the Z3 difficulty setting and get a We
Gotta Power!!!! capsule. Select any character that can fight in
the Saiyan Saga. Fight the Saibamen with We Gotta Power!!!! equipped.
They will generally self-destruct. Try to keep away from them
when they do so. You will generally get about 80,000 experience
points per fight with the Z3 difficulty setting.

Hint: Restore Ki:
When you are in practice mode (even while in Dragon
mode, or at any point), your Ki gauge will automatically go back
to maximum when you press Select.

Hint: Dragon Rush:
Use the following trick to win in Dragon Rush about
80% of the time in every match. If you start Dragon Rush, first:
X; second: Triangle; third: Square. If your
opponent starts Dragon Rush, use Square, Circle,
or X.

Hint: Broly: Super punch:
When you use Broly after transforming, you can deliver
a devastating punch by tapping Forward(2), Circle.
This is best done when finishing off an opponent or knocking your
opponent into a obstacle or out of the ring in World Tournament
mode. Note: You may phase behind your opponent when you hit him
or her.

Hint: Cell: All moves:
Unlock Cell by completing Teen Gohan's Dragon Universe
mode. Then in the Capsule Shop, Cell's Kamehameha, #17 Absorption,
and Energy Field will appear randomly. In Teen Gohan's Dragon
Universe mode, go to Cell's Time Machine. You should get his Perfect
Form. Again in Teen Gohan's Dragon Universe mode, defeat Super
Perfect Cell. You should get his Super Perfect Form. Cell's Spirit
Bomb appears in the Capsule Shop after buying a few Ultimate Moves.
Note: Spirit Bomb can only be used in the Perfect or Super Perfect

Hint: Cooler: Recommended combo:
Transform into your final form then charge up completely.
Use Hypermode (L2), quickly throw, then execute Destructive
Ray and/or Saucer Blade. Press Circle to go into Dragon
Rush. If successful you should have over 25 hits and quite an
amount of damage.

Hint: Frieza: Dragon Rush attack:
This can only be done with Frieza's third form. The
secret Dragon Rush is not a capsule. While in Frieza's third form,
complete the full Dragon Rush. In the end, Frieza will do a different
Dragon Rush move than his usual. He will do the move that he did
to Piccolo in the television show.

Hint: Goku: Flexible ultimate attack:
Spirit Bomb is a very flexible attack. It can be used
in three ways. When normal Goku, Super Spirit Bomb; when SS1,
Spirit Bomb; or when SS2, SS3 or SS4 as Super Dragon Fist.

Hint: Goku: End with Super Saiyan Super
Spirit Bomb:
In Goku's Dragon Universe mode, have breakthrough.
When you fight someone, charge up to full power and go into hyper
mode. Do the ultimate move and you will do a Super Spirit Bomb
ending with Goku as Super Saiyan.

Hint: Goku: Pursue:
When using Goku's Pursue (Forward + Circle
after knocking your opponent back), he does the same technique
with KaioKen, Super Saiyan 1, 2, and 4. However, if you are in
Super Saiyan 3 form he will use Instant Transmission to Pursue.
Just when he teleports behind the opponent, pause game play to
see that his hand is at his forehead just like in the anime when
he uses Instant Transmission. In the other forms he just backhands
the opponent.

Hint: Goku: Easy win:
Make sure you have the Super Saiyan 4 capsule or Breakthrough
(Goku). Keep punching or kicking your opponent until your Ki guage
reads "MAX". Then, press R1. Next, use P(4),
E or Toward, E to use Goku's replaced move
of the Kamehameha, 10X Kamehameha. Note: You must have the 10X
Kamehameha or the Breakthrough for Goku. Also, you may hold X
and tap and hold the direction facing away from your opponent.

Hint: Goku: Easy experience:
To get two levels with Goku in Dragon Universe mode,
play up to the part where the Cell Games are in effect. Before
you fight Cell with Goku, go to Kami's Lookout. A conversation
takes place between Goku and Vegeta, where Vegeta doubts Goku's
new abilities. Goku powers up and makes Vegeta eat his words.
After the intermission sequence, you will receive two levels.

Hint: Goku: SS4:
At the end of Dragon Universe mode with Goku, you do
not have to defeat Kid Buu with Spirit Bomb. Just beat him in
the bar thing once. Note: Spirit Bomb does not work in Super Saiyan.

Hint: Goku: Easy experience:
Play through Dragon Universe mode until you reach Planet
Namek. Fight Recoome at the first red dot and view the intermission
sequences that follow. Before doing anything else, fly to the
large island in the middle of the map and find the Namek village
near the top of the island. You will be pulled into an intermission
sequence automatically, then gain one level. After you level up,
fly to Elder Guru's house at the top of the map. Select it to
view another intermission sequence and gain another level. You
can do this until reaching level 99 under any difficulty setting.

Hint: Hercule: Dragon Rush:
It is not good to use Hercule. At the end of his Dragon
Rush all he does is take a picture with whoever he is fighting.

Hint: Trunks: Super Sword Slash:
If you press L1, Adult Trunks will slash your
opponent then flips. However if you press Toward, P(2),
Toward, P(3), you will get a super slash where he
takes the sword and slashes it around ten times.

Hint: Piccolo: Easy experience:
Play through Dragon Universe mode until you reach Planet
Namek. Once there, before doing any fighting, fly to the island
at the lower left-hand corner and find the Namek village. Select
to search it and you will view an intermission sequence. After
it, you will gain two levels instantly. Then, fly to the top of
the map to Elder Guru's house. Select this to view another intermission
sequence and will gain a third level. You can do this all the
way to level 99. To make it quicker, save the game after Elder
Guru and quit. Then, start Piccolo's story over again and level
up all the way to 99. You can do these quick level ups under any
difficulty setting.

Hint: Recoome: Bomber:
When you get Recoome and his super special move, use
it in a place like Plains, Planet Namek, etc. (except the World
Tournament stage). As soon as the bombs start falling, you will
see the world with a circle getting bigger and bigger. In the
middle of the circle will be a letter forming. After that, the
place will have changed.

Hint: Super Buu: Ultimate item strategy:

In Goku's Dragon Adventure story, get to the part where
Super Buu absorbs Gohan. After that, you should get the move "Absorption";
or you can just buy it instead. After you get that move, go to
the shop and get Bibidi's Guard (not to be confused with Babidi's
Guard;.Bibidi's Guard takes up four slots. When you are going
to play as Super Buu, equip Absorption and Bibidi's Guard. Then
while playing, use Absorption. If you succeed, you should have
some death moves, as well as a very high defense making your Super
Buu almost unstoppable.

Hint: Supreme Kai: Recommendations:
The Supreme Kai does not look like he is very strong
when looking at his list of moves, but he is very fast and starts
with four Ki bars. He is particularly effective against big characters
like Broly, Nappa, Omega Shenron and others.

Hint: Tien: Neo Tri Beam Cannon:
The attack power will be stronger if the defensive
opponent wins, but you will lose some health as a down side and
become fatigued. The following characters will be damaged if an
Ultimate Move becomes a defense win: Tien, Hercule, Yamcha, Gotenks,
and Super Buu (when absorbed by Gotenks).

Hint: Uub: Easy World Tournament wins:

For an easy Advanced World Tournament win, equip Ki
Cannon (strong), Fierce Flurry (stronger), Potential (to raise
attack), and Serious!!! (to increase attack when weakened) to
Uub. Continue to use Ki Cannon to take a lot of health down. Fierce
Flurry works even better. They both can knock back your opponent
for a quick win. Also, use his Circle attack to knock opponents
backwards. Uub is fast and small, which helps against those huge
powerhouses (for example, Broly, Omega Shenron, Recoome, etc.).
He also is a great dodger which helps prevent knock backs and
Dragon Rushes when your opponent is in Hyper Mode. Note: This
is useful for unlocking the Ultimate Moves, the Baba Crystal Ball
movies, and Breakthroughs.

Hint: Saibamen: Defeating Yamcha:
To defeat Yamcha in Dragon Arena easily, use Self-Destruct.
It should do 9,999 damage.

Hint: SSJ4 Goku: Alternate appearance:

Choose Goku with his GT outfit (the blue one), then
change into SSJ4. Goku will wear blue jeans and have gray body

Hint: Vegeta: Effective techniques:
Enter the World Tournament at any level (Advanced recommended).
Equip Vegeta with SS1, SS2, SS4, Galick Gun x2, and Big Bang Attack
x2. This should take all seven slots, or if you want equip his
Breakthrough. Start the fight by attacking with only physical
attacks (punches and kicks). Do not waste any energy until your
power has reached maximum, and get as close as you can to your
opponent. Press L1 to transform to SS4 and keep using Vegeta's
Final Shine Attack (Galick Gun). This attack is recommended, as
they are tired from Hyper Mode, and because they cannot block
the incoming attack this should take out a lot of life. (one full
bar, or slightly more). If they use Hyper Mode, avoid being hit
by them until their power has run out. Then. go and beat them
up with some Final Shine attacks, or the deadly Big Bang Attack.
Use Vegeta's Big Bang Attack when they are tired from Hyper Mode.
Hopefully they will have low yellow or high red health. Either
way, they will be defeated. Note: Avoid the edge at all costs.

Hint: Vegeta: Big Bang Galik Gun:
When your enemy starts with a charge up, fly up as
far as possible and charge up fully. Go to Super Sayian Vegeta
then charge up full again flying in the sky. If your opponent
flies up, hold R2 button and knock them down then. Then,
execute the Galik Gun combo by pressing Square(4), Circle.
Alternately, press Away + Circle then do the Big
Bang attack immediately afterwards.

Hint: Vegeta: Alternate SS4 appearance:

Once you acquire SS4 for Vegeta, win the game and start
another Dragon Universe mode as Vegeta. Make sure you have SS4
equipped. When time comes to fight Androids 17 and 16, turn SS4.
If done correctly, you should have a yellow tail and upper body
instead of red; white gloves and boots instead of purple; and
yellow jeans instead of blue.

Hint: Frieza's Space Ship:
To unlock Freiza's space Ship, a move that is the same
as a Full Senzu Bean that only Frieza can use , look closely at
the map in the second level (with Frieza and the Ginyu Force).
You will see a little island in the middle of the map. Go to it
and get the item, which is Frieza's Space Ship.

Hint: Defeating Kid Buu:
Fly far away from him. Go forward to him and do the
Kamehameha. It will mostly be a beam struggle. Keep doing this
until Kid Buu is defeated. Fight Goten as your first task at Grandpa Gohan's house. Next,
fight Videl. Videl should already be pinpointed on your map. After
you fight Videl, go to the northeast mountains. You will talk
to Vegeta. The goal you must accomplish next is to fight Dabura.
After defeating Dabura you should be fighting Vegeta. When Vegeta
is defeated, you should get a mark in the mountains. It is there
that you will fight Kid Buu. When Kid Buu is defeated, you should
get a mark in another mouton area, which is where you will fight

Hint: Defeating Omega Shenron:
To easily defeat a level 99 Omega Shenron, equip Goku
(recommended level over 76) with his Breakthrough capsule. During
the battle, transform into SSJ4 and use Dragon Rush Warp Kamehameha.
If you are lucky, you will win the Dragon Rush and do a large
amount of damage (about 3,500 to 4,100 depending on your stats).
Do this continuously and you should defeat him sooner or later.

Hint: Fight Metal Cooler:
In Goku's story, before you go to the Cell Games ring,
go to Cell's time machine. You will battle Metal Cooler.

Hint: Fight Omega Shenron in Ubb's Dragon
In Ubb's Dragon Universe mode, after fighting Majin
Buu, go to the Kame House and talk to Master Roshi. Then, fight
Goku for the second time. Once you defeat him you will fight Omega
Shenron instead of the Dragon Universe ending. Note: If you want
a real challenge, fight Omega Shenron on Z3 mode.

Hint: Avoid fighting Goku in Majin Buu
When you are Majin Vegeta, go to an area that reads
"Plains". One of them should have Piccolo. Talk to him,
then fight him. When he is defeated, the next marker will have
Majin Buu in that area instead of Goku. When you are Majin Vegeta, go to Goku's house. There should be
an area reading "Plains" next to it. There, you will
talk to Gohan and fight him. Then, Majin Buu will be at your next

Hint: Krillin on Android #18's accel dance:

Keep doing Android #18's accel dance. You will see
Krillin instead of Android #17 as her partner in doing her accel

Hint: Fused Warrior:
When attempting to perform a Fused Warrior, when the
time runs out or you imput the wrong button in the sequence, you
become fat and your attack power is reduced down by 10%.

Hint: Recommended power-ups:
All characters have a few different attack power ups.
Goku and Gohan have Z sword, etc. Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz
can get to about 214% power. This is displayed in practice when
you are sparring. Use this setup for the Saiyans (besides Goku):

Battle Testament
Saiyan Spirit
Pauzosaurus Tail

That will get to 214% power (Potential requires a little patience
before it charges you up).

Goku is similar:

Z sword
Saiyan Spirit
Pauzosaurus Tail

Everyone else has the same ability to become many times more powerful
then SS4.

As for Piccolo, do not use all his power ups. Fusing with Kami
only gives you a 5% power bonus. Compared to what items and abilities
can do for you, that is really poor. try To equip other things
to Piccolo other then fuse with Kami.

Hint: Character weaknesses:
When you control Hercule, Videl or Uub, they cannot
teleport, shoot energy attacks, and pursue.

Hint: Getting your enemies out of Hyper
When your opponent enters Hyper mode, wait for them
to charge at you. At that point, press X + Forward.
You should teleport behind them and kick them. Repeat the same
thing until they are out of Hyper mode.

Hint: Teleporting finishing moves:
Every character use a teleporting finishing move. When
you teleport, do not release X and your character will
not pinball the opponent. Instead, your character will be behind
the opponent. Quickly press Forward + Circle and
your opponent will not know what them.

Hint: Counter teleport:
If you have no more life in your health gauge, you
can still survive an attack if your opponent counter attacks you
by teleporting from behind.

Hint: Dragon Rush:
To do more damage in Dragon Rush, in Hyper mode do
a death move by pressing Forward + E. Press those
buttons again when the death move hits the opponent.

Hint: Spirit Bomb/Super Dragon Fist:
The Spirit Bomb is a lot more flexible in this game
than its predecessors. You can not only use the Spirit Bomb, you
can use the Super Dragon Fist also. You do not always have to
be at SS4 to use the Super Dragon Fist. Any level beyond Super
Sayain can use it (SS1, SS2, and SS3).

Hint: Get Spirit Bombs earlier:
In Goku's Dragon Universe mode after fighting Nappa,
do nott go to the mountains to fight Vegeta. Instead, go to the
Red Ribbon army base. In that area, search for an area named "Plains".
Go there and you will get the Spirit Bomb. When you must fight
kid Buu, do not go to the dot directly. Go ahead of the dot, then
turn back to the dot. Do a Zsearch. You will see a "???".
Press X in the Zsearch itself. After the dialogue is over,
you will get a Spirit Bomb capsule again. Thus, you will have
two Spirit Bombs. Set the skill twice and perform it with Kaio-Ken.
It will cause 2,000 damage, which will destroy Kid Buu's two health

Hint: Super Dragon Fist:
Once you get the Spirit Bomb, search near the West
City for an area named "???", or search for it in the
desert south of Kami's Lookout. You should get a capsule of Dragon
Fist for Goku in one of those areas. While fighting, turn into
Super Saiyan or higher, go into hyper mode, and press L2.
Note:-To do this you should be in Goku's Dragon Universe mode,
in the Cell saga. You should have Spirit Bomb as well as the Dragon
Fist skill. Alternately collect all the Dragon Balls and wish
for Breakthrough Of Goku.

Hint: Warp Kamehameha:
In Goku's Dragon Universe mode, before going to Cell's
arena, search for an area named "Plains" around it.
Krillin will talk to you, and you will get the capsule for Warp

Hint: Always get good skills:
When you go into the Skill Shop remove your memory
card. Gamble, and if you do not get anything good, exit out of
the Edit Skills screen and re-insert your memory card. Then, go
back into the shop, take out your memory card, and repeat until
getting a desired skill.

Hint: Kakarot:
Kakarot is Goku's sayian name. His "grandpa"
Gohan (whom Goku names his first son after) named him Goku when
he found him in the woods. He was a wild animal until he fell
and hit his head, which is why he could not remember who or what
he was.

Hint: Practice Ki gauges:
While playing in practice mode, press Select.
All your Ki gauges will automatically fill up.

Hint: Faster tournament board:
When the tournament board is displaying names, hold
R1 and it will speed up. Note: This is useful for the long
tournament boards in advanced mode. For an even faster tournament board, hold L1 + R1
when the people are being selected to fight the other characters.

Hint: Interrupted fight in Dragon Arena:

Win battles until you have five or six victories. On
the sixth or seventh battle, someone might interrupt your fight.
Defeat him or her to unlock capsules. If this does not happen,
try with another character with a different level. Breaking in in the Dragon Arena is not random. It depends on what
character you are going to fight and the level of the character.
For example, fighting level 55 Bardock will make Cell break in;
defeat Cell for the Cell games.

Hint: Growing aura:
As you level up, at the screen where put in your Z
points will show your character with an aura.

Hint: Special versus matches:
Before every match (except Dragon Universe and Arena).
almost every character has a special scene. The list is as follows:

Adult Gohan vs. Hercule (Hercule should say "Stay away from
my daughter".)
Bardock vs. Goten
Bardock vs. Kid Gohan
Bardock vs. Kid Goku
Bardock vs. Kid Goku
Bardock vs. Nappa
Broly vs. Teen Gohan
Cooler vs. Frieza
Cooler vs. Friza
Cooler vs. Krillin
Ginyu vs. Recoome
Gohan vs. Trunks
Goku vs. Bardock
Goku vs. Broly
Goku vs. Frieza
Goku vs. Kid Goku
Goku vs. Vegeta
Goten vs. Omega Shenron
Goten vs. Videl
Kid Gohan vs. Broly
Kid Gohan vs. Piccolo
Kid Goku vs. Broly
Kid Goku vs. Piccolo
Kid Goku vs. Tien
Kid Goku vs. Yamcha
Kid Trunks vs. Broly
Krillin vs. 18
Krillin vs. Cooler
Majin Buu vs. Kid Buu
Piccolo vs. 17
Raditz vs. Bardock
Super Buu bs. Cooler
Super Buu vs. Broly
Super Buu vs. Omega Shenron
Teen Gohan vs. Cell
Trunks (Adult) vs. Vegeta
Trunks vs. Cell
Uub vs. Kid Buu
Vegeta vs. 18
Vegeta vs. Cooler

Note: Super Buu does the same taunt to both Broly and Cooler,
but those are the only two characters that he uses this specific
taunt against. Also, The taunt Super Buu does with Omega Shenron
is the same one as the taunt with Broly and Cooler. However, he
never uses this taunt against any other opponents.

Hint: Dragon Arena break-ins:
There is a break-in for every five levels of characters
in Dragon Arena mode, as follows:

Levels 1 to 30: Yamcha; Prize: Sparking! (10%)
Levels 31 to 35: Nappa; Prize: Saibamen.
Levels 36 to 40: Krillin; Prize: WE GOTTA POWER! (10%)
Levels 41 to 45: Dr. Gero; Prize: Sparking!! (20%)
Levels 46 to 50: Frieza; Prize: Sparking!!! (40%)
Levels 51 to 55: Cell; Prize: World Tournament Cell Games.
Levels 56 to 60: Dabura; Prize: WE GOTTA POWER!! (25%)
Levels 61 to 65: Majin Buu; Prize: Sparking!!!! (60%)
Levels 66 to 70: Piccolo; Prize: Cell Jr.
Levels 71 to 75: Cooler; Prize: WE GOTTA POWER!!!! (100%)
Levels 76 to 80: Kid Buu; Prize: Red Ribbon Army Base.
Levels 81 to 85: Broly; Prize: WE GOTTA POWER!!! (50%)
Levels 86 to 90: Omega Shenron; Prize: Sparking!!!!!! (200%)
Levels 91 to 95: Saibamen (5); Prize: WE GOTTA POWER!!!! (100%)

Levels 96 to 99: Vegeta; Prize: Sparking!!!!!!! (400%)

You can battle the break-ins as many times as desired; just fight
the characters between those levels and wait for the desired break-in
to appear. Your character may not have to be between specific
levels for a break-in to appear. However, the character you are
playing with cannot be at a superior level than the character
you are fighting.

Hint: Dragon Universe important areas:

On the Dragon Universe map, there are some important
areas you should always check. Check these places often, as they
are important to your Dragon Universe completion.

Kami's Hideout/Korin's Tower/Land of Korin: Located slightly north
of the left side desert and left and south of West City.

Baba's Palace: In the left side desert, almost at the border of
the southern mountains.

Goku's house: Located a little east of the southern end of the
right desert.

Grandpa Gohan's House. Slightly northeast of Goku's House.

Hercule City: A little north of Goku House and slightly northwest
of Grandpa Gohan's House.

South City: Located on the largest island on the southern end
of the map. Almost in the center of the bottom of the map.

North City: Located In the Northern Mainland Mountains; not the
ones on the island west of there. It should be in the middle of
the mountains.

Muscle Tower: Located on the Iceberg located on the northeastern
part of the map.

East City: Located north and slightly east of Hercule City. It
is almost just on the border of the land.

West City: Almost in the middle of the map. It is almost on the
border of the water.

Central City: Located between North and West Cities, although
not exactly in between them. It is slightly more to the right.

World Tournament Stage: Located a little eastward of South City,
on a small island.

Kame House: Located eastward of the World Tournament Stage, near
the tiny islands at the south of the map. It is also located a
little south and west of Goku's house.

Hint: Bloody Roar reference:

Start a duel battle and choose the Hyperbolic Time
Chamber as the stage. The music for this stage is the same as
a track on Bloody Roar.

Hint: Dragonball reference:

When you fight in Grandpa Gohan's house, in the
background you will see the giant fish that Goku grabbed from
the lake, It even has the bite that Goku got to take before Bulma
so rudely interrupted.

Hint: Flying Nimbus reference:
Go to Korin's Tower, then head southwest until you
see a stream. It should be at the beginning of the island that
Korin's Tower is on. The stream looks just like the Flying Nimbus
that Goku uses to ride on in the anime television show Dragonball
and sometimes in Dragonball Z.

Glitch: Get to level 21:
Start a new story in Dragon Universe mode. Go to Kami's
Lookout and level up. Save your game data and quit Dragon Universe
mode. Then, start a new story in Dragon Universe mode and repeat
this process until your Z fighter is at level 21.

Glitch: Skills change:
When buying skills, all skills change when you leave
and return, except for the ultimate skills.

Glitch: Slow motion:
Go to duel and select one player vs. two players. Select
both players as Goku with the following: Kaioken, SS1, SS2, SS3,
Spirit Bomb, and Kamehameha. Then, select Buu's Insides for the
stage. Have both players charge up to maximum Ki, turn SS3, and
go into hyper mode. Then, have both players repeatedly punch at
the same time. Eventually you should go into slow motion.

Glitch: Misspelling:
In the beginning of Piccolo's Dragon Universe storyline,
there is an animation in which he says to Kid Gohan, "You're
gonna fight weather you like it or not." with "weather"
instead of "whether".

Glitch: Wrong location:
In Training Chapter 10, Cell claims that he and Frieza
are in HFIL. They are actually in the devastated version of Planet
Namek. When you fight in a city besides West City, it will read "Capsule
Corp." in the background.

Glitch: Wrong dialog:
With Vegeta in Dragon Universe mode, instead of saying
"I should have finished them off when I had the chance"
he says, "they should have finished them off when they had
the chance". After fighting Frieza the first time, complete the game with Goku
until you have beaten it three or four times. Go to the bottom
right red dot. There you will meet Super Saiyan Vegeta before
the Andriod Saga. He tells you that he defeated Frieza instead
of Goku.

Glitch: Wrong voice:
Cell's first form at the start of a battle has the
same voice as his perfect form.

Glitch: Wrong hair:
Select Goku in his second outfit (blue), then have
the SSJ4 Gogeta capsule equipped when you fuse with SSJ4 Vegeta.
In his second outfit, Gogeta will have silver hair instead of

Glitch: Wrong world:
In the Namek arena in duel mode, use a devastating
attack. It will show Earth instead of Namek.

Glitch: Wrong transformation information:

The game states that Vegeta needs maximum Ki for SS4
but in fact he only needs to be in the last Ki (not full).

Glitch: Metal Freeza:
Play as Teen Gohan the second time through in Dragon
Universe. Go to battle point, and instead of fighting a goblin
you will fight a Metal Freeza. This works as many times as desired.
Freeza does not have the same voice.

Glitch: SS4 Vegeta's disappearing aura:

First, collect SS4 for Vegeta. Charge all the way to
max energy, then use the Final Shine attack. Notice that when
Vegeta does this attack, he loses his aura. However he regains
it at the end of the animation.

Glitch: Glowing Saibamen:
When the loading screen appears, eject the game disc.
The game will never go to the fighting part and you can grow as
many Saibamen as desired. Once this is done for a very long time,
red glowing Saibamen will appear. When doing this glitch, keep pressing buttons. Eventually, Saibamen
will start disappearing. Soon after that, red Saibamen will start
appearing. These red Saibamen count as regular Saibamen. You will
not see more and they do not disappear. Note: Controllers with
an auto-fire feature are recommended. Set as many buttons as possible
to auto-fire at the same time.

Glitch: Pole through body:
Unlock Kid Goku. Select him in any place besides Dragon
Universe. When your opponent blocks, hold R1 or R2.
He will extend his "Power Pole". It will then go through
them if they are close enough. On short characters like Krillin,
Goten, etc., it will go through the head. On medium sized characters
such as Goku, Raditz, etc., it will go through their stomach or
chest. On large characters like Broly, Nappa, etc., it will go
through their groin.

Glitch: See through wall:
Once you have acquired the Dragon Arena and have battled
an enemy, choose a person to battle and any place to go fight.
The general will start talking. Once that happens, look up at
the top of the screen. You will see the garage. Go up into the
wall and you will be able to see it through it.

Glitch: Level level boundary:
On the City stage, go to the lamp post near the truck
and boxes. Have a character fly near that lamp post next to the
invisible barrier that keeps you in the fighting area. You will
notice a weak spot near this area. Then, have the character next
to the lamp post shoot a Ki blast, and have the opposite character
teleport behind him and constantly keep teleporting until you
are past the barrier. This will require a few attempts. You will
end up behind the barrier and near the buildings. This is a new
area to fight. Be careful as you can go underground and behind
the buildings.

Glitch: Extra space:
In Goku's Dragon World story, after he defeat Cell
and after he says that he is going destroy the Earth, Goku says
because "he's giving up doesn't mean it's over". The
word "doesn't" appears as "doesn' t" with
a extra space between the apostrophe and "t".

Glitch: Earth's moon:
If you look around at Earth's sky from the overworld
map, you will see that it still has a moon. The moon was destroyed
in the series to keep Saiyans from changing.

Glitch: Misspelling:
Go to the Skill Shop. Eventually a new skill will appear
in the equipment skills. Instead of the name being "Paragas'
Admonishment" it reads "Paragas' Admonsihment".
This skill reduces the amount of Ki used by Broly. In Goku's story in Dragon Universe, before you fight Raditz, go
to the World Championship. Tien will challenge you to a fight.
After you win Goku will say "You sure are stong Tien, I came
close to losing that one."

Glitch: Storyline:
In Dragon Universe mode, select Krillin and go through
the mode normally. When you get to the Android/Cell Saga, go to
South City. Once there, you will have a conversation with Android
18 about what to name Krillin's daughter. However Android 18 is
supposed to be absorbed by Cell; and this event does not take
place until the Buu Saga.


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