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1 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 on Tue May 17, 2011 12:06 am



Goku with halo:
Enter JaanaM inna-! Shinda raMata Aouna- ! as
a password in the Japanese, European, and North American Greatest
Hits versions of the game.
His stats are:

Level: 120
Defense: 10
Vitality: 18
Arts: 20
Ki: 20
Capacity: 15
Attack: 20
CPU: 17

Piccolo Daimao:
Enter Gahaha Saikou da!!!- Saikou nokibu nda!!!
as a password in the Japanese, European, and North American Greatest
Hits versions of the game. [Screenshot]
His stats are:
Jaime Garcia.

Level: 120
Defense: 20
Vitality: 18
Arts: 20
Ki: 12
Capacity: 20
Attack: 15
CPU: 15

Alternate Future Trunks:
Enter DoumoS umimas enOmat aseshi mashit a as
a password in the Japanese, European, and North American Greatest
Hits versions of the game.
His stats are:

Level: 120
Defense: 20
Vitality: 20
Arts: 16
Ki: 20
Capacity: 15
Attack: 16
CPU: 13

Super Vegeta:
Enter GL@nhK aU!pL+ RJ$Pkf znDvf% ZW#sXp ZGa(Oi
a s a password in the Collectors Edition of the game.

Android 16:
You must first complete Krillin's Dragon Universe mode
once. Start Krillin's Dragon Universe mode a second time. During
the Namek Saga, there will be a point where two red markers will
be available on your map. Go to the easternmost marker to start
a conversation with the Captain Ginyu frog (a frog containing
Captain Ginyu's consciousness). After the scene, proceed through
Dragon Universe mode as usual. You will reach the Android Saga
as a new feature to play Krillin's Dragon Universe mode a second
time. During this Saga, search the chain of islands on the southern
portion of the map. You will find a "plains" area. Once
there, Krillin and Trunks will find a damaged Android 16. After
the scene, fly to West City where Bulma will repair Android 16,
and he will be unlocked.

Android 17:
Defeat Android 17 as Piccolo in Dragon Universe mode.

Android 18:
Complete Dragon Universe mode as Krillin.

Have a saved game file from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
and Budokai 2 on your memory card. Start Dragon Ball
Z: Budokai 3
and create a saved game file. You will be notified
that you have unlocked Bardock. When starting Dragon Universe mode, fly over to Raditz's spaceship.
You should see a "???". Enter it, and you should get
him. Alternately, keep checking the Sayian Space Pod, and at one point
you will be able to go to it and find Bardock. This was found
near the end of story mode when playing the first time. In Dragon Universe mode, and choose either "New Story"
or "Continue" and select Goku Note: In order for this
to work you must be on Earth. In the beginning before you go to
face Raditz, and fly to the northeastern part on the map by the
Snow Mountains/Red Ribbon Army Base. You will see a Space Pod.
Fly to it, and it will say "Saiyan Spaceship". Go inside
to get a capsule and unlock Bardock. Complete Dragon Universe mode with Goku at least three times.
Then before fighting Raditz, go near the mountains. You will see
a spaceship sunk into the ground. It should be described as "Saiyan
Spaceship". Enter it to get him. To unlock Bardock, complete Goku's Dragon Universe story twice,
then play it a third time. Before you fight Raditz, fly around
the map. You should eventually find a Saiyan Spaceship crashed
on the plain. The scroll of paper that usually appears on the
top right of the screen will read "Saiyan Spaceship".
Land there, and a dialogue should appear, informing you that you
have unlocked Bardock. Bardock can be used in tournament, practice,
and all the other modes except Dragon Universe.

To unlock Broly, complete Goku's story twice in Dragon
Universe mode. Then, in the Buu Saga, when you get to the part
when Mystic Gohan gets absorbed by Super Buu and Goku starts looking
for someone to fuse with, look around the area. You should see
a "???" on a scroll of paper. Land there. Goku will
start talking to Hercule, then leave. Next, fly to the red dot.
Before landing on it, look around the area. You will see "???"
on a scroll. Land there, and you will see Tien. Goku will see
Tien injured, and he will leave. Then, go to the dot, fuse with
Vegeta, and beat up Super Buu by using Vegito. After that, a dialogue
will appear with Vegito being absorbed. After that, defeat Super
Buu inside his own body, and after that a dialogue will appear
with Kid Buu destroying Earth. You will then be able to fly around.
However before you land on the dot, search around the area where
the red dot is found. You will see "Mountains" written
on a scroll of paper. Land there, and you will talk with Kibitoshin.
He will say that a power greater than Buu has arrived on Earth.
Vegeta will say that he will hold off Kid Buu while you check
out this new power. After that dialogue, fly to the red dot and
it will be Broly. Defeat him to unlock him. He will have a story
in Dragon Universe mode. You can also use him in Tournament, Dueling,
Practice, etc. As Goku, complete Dragon Universe mode at least three times. On
the third time, you will fight Broly. Defeat him to unlock him.
Go to the Desert/Mountains and speak to Kibito southwest of the
next marker. After you fight Buu inside himself, Goku and Vegeta
will sense a different energy. Then, go to the next marker to
face Broly. Defeat him to unlock him. In Goku's Dragon Universe mode, defeat Majin Vegeta, then Fat
Buu. Then, do not fight Super Buu. Instead, go to the mountains
near Goku's house. Supreme Kai will talk to you, and say that
he senses another power worse than Buu's. Go to and defeat Super
Buu, then defeat him again inside Buu. When youmust fight Kid
Buu, Goku and Vegeta will sense another power. Go to the red dot
to fight Broly (who is very huge). Defeat him to unlock him. Use the following trick to unlock Broly, Goku (SS4), Gogeta, Gogeta
(SS4), and Omega Shenron (with Goku). Before looking for Vegeta
for the Vegito Fusion in the Buu Saga, look for Hercule near where
Buu absorbed Gohan. Slightly southwest of the red dot you, should
find Tien. He is unconscious. Just south of him you will find
Supreme Kai. He will say he feels a larger force then Majin Buu.
Fuse and fight Buu. During the final fight, instead of fighting
Kid Buu, Vegeta will tell you to find the larger power and defeat
it. Defeat Broly to get his capsule. After Goten and Trunks will
challenge you to a Fusion, fight at the World Tournament Arena
as Gotenks against Gogeta. Instead of fighting him, look for a
"???" to the northeast of the World Tournament on one
of the small islands. There you should get Goku's SS4 capsule.
From here, go to West City near the bridge. Talk to Bulma about
the Dragon Radar. Afterwards, go to the World Tournament and take
on Gotenks. After defeating him, you will get Gogeta's Capsule
and Omega Shenron will appear. Go to Central City. Once there
you will fuse with SS4 Vegeta and get the SS4 Gogeta capsule.
Defeat Omega as SS4 Gogeta to get his capsule. Note: These are
the five most difficult characters to get in the game.

Broly: Effective techniques:
Broly's large body gives you an advantage over most
opponents, even the very small ones. Constantly attacking your
opponent with physical and Ki attacks can cause heavy damage,
but may leave you open to counter attacks. Holding R1 launches
Broly's Clothesline, which sends opponents flying backwards. This
is very effective in World Tournament matches. To gain an easy
victory, practice doing the following: fight with your opponent
using only physical attacks such as kicking and punching, increasing
your Ki until you have five or more bars of energy (preferably
maximum energy). Transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan when
you are as close to your opponent as you can get. This will stun
your opponent for a short while. As soon as you have transformed,
press L2 and go into hyper mode. Your opponent should be
about ready to fight again. Press L2 again before they
get a chance to dodge, Note: If your opponent dodged ultimate
attack, dash towards them and stop in mid air, then dodge right
or left by pressing X + Up or X + Down,
as they are likely to blast or punch you while you are dashing
at them. Press L2 again immediately and catch your opponent
off guard. This should send your opponent into the air and launch
Broly's Ultimate Attack. Note: If you fail at any point during
the previous combo, you can leave yourself open to a lot of damage,
especially from a SS4 Goku. This requires practice, but you will
eventually be able to land Broly's ultimate attack immediately.

Broly: Fight multiple times:
After you defeat Broly, you can fight him as many times
as desired the next time on Goku's Dragon Universe story. Go to
the mountain area where you fought Vegeta for the first time.
Before you go to the first red dot, there should be a Battle Point.
Use it to fight Broly, and level up quickly without Dragon Arena.

Broly: Level 25:
Enter xDWKH fvNCO$ hcmlyY *+-x(S cz!fjR #iAVxi
as a password. This will give you Broly with Legendary Super Sayian,
Gigantic Press, Gigantic Meteor, Senzu Bean, Health: 20, Attack:

Broly: Level 99:
Enter vq&Eu? TJNnqR NPAtlW bIiZhZ gV%oJM nkJYHe
as a password.

Captain Ginyu:
Defeat Captain Ginyu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

Captain Ginyu: Level 40:
Enter eCyF%% LJIWhU YiCWZ* Er%ied qx!jKX x?FmWZ
as a password.

Defeat Cell as Teen Gohan in Dragon Universe mode.

Cell Jr.:
You must first unlock Dragon Arena mode. You must be
fighting with a level 20 to 40 character, and should be battling
opponents well above your level (over level 30). If you continue
to do this, eventually Piccolo will break in and challenge you.
When you defeat him, Cell Jr. will be unlocked. You must first unlock Dragon Arena, then fight a lot of level
40 or above opponents. Fight enough battles and defeat Piccolo
when he breaks in to unlock Cell Jr. The easiest way to get Cell Jr. is to go through Dragon Universe
mode with Piccolo. Get to the Cell Sagas then battle and defeat
him. You will then Battle Cell Jr. and be able to unlock him.

Defeat Frieza. SS Vegeta will appear under the location
where he was defeated. After defeating SS Vegeta, go to Cooler's
red dot. Defeat Cooler to unlock him. Note: Before SS Vegeta will appear under where you defeated Frieza,
you must play through Dragon Universe mode as Vegeta and defeat
Frieza and Cooler. When this is done, SS Vegeta will appear as
a red dot to the southwest of where you defeated Frieza. Defeat
SS Vegeta, then go to Cooler's red dot. Defeat him to unlock him.
To unlock Cooler, who is Freeza's brother, play Goku's Dragon
Universe mode a third time, or anything more than the two times.
After the first time you defeat Freeza, there should be three
red dots on your map. First, fly to the one to the left. It will
be Vegeta Super Saiyan. He will tell you that he turned into a
Super Saiyan, and defeated Freeza. Defeat Vegeta, and then you
will see one red dot on your map. Fly to it, and a dialogue with
Cooler will appear. Then, you will fight Cooler. Defeat him to
unlock him. He will have his Final Form. Cooler can be used in
tournament, practice, dueling, and all other modes except for
Dragon Universe. Note: For players who are not very skilled, try
to kill Cooler. Do not let him power up to his Final Form, as
he will be a bit more difficult.

Defeat Dabura as Gohan in Dragon Universe mode.

Dr. Gero:
Defeat Dr. Gero as Yamcha in Dragon Universe mode.

Defeat Frieza as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

Gogeta (Vegeta):
Bought from Skill Shops (random) when you have the
Black Membership Card. Alternately, play as Vegeta in the second Dragon Universe. In
the Buu Saga, you should find Bulma in a plain somewhere. Talk
to her, and she will tell you to visit her later. Then, fly to
West City. Pick up the present she has for you (Super Sayain 4).
Next, fly to the red dot to the south. Once there you will meet
Super Sayain 4 Goku. Defeat him and you will get the capsule for
Gogeta. To fight Broly and get Gogeta with Vegeta, go to Muscle Tower
and talk to KabitoKai. Then, fight Super Buu. Once you escape,
you will sense Broly. Fight him, then you with get an invite from
Trunks and Goten. Fight Gotenks at the World Martial Arts Tournament
and you will unlock Gogeta for Vegeta.

Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Teen

Goku: Level 99:
Enter cxgsYD cU-e@M fc-J$( HNMkJt Tcn)yd @?ZntN
as a password.

Defeat Goten as Gohan in Dragon Universe mode.

Bought in the Capsule Shop.

Great Saiyaman:
Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Gohan.

Hercule/Mr. Satan:
During Piccolo's Dragon Universe mode, search the desert
south of Kami's lookout near Fortune Tella Baba's palace after
the event at Central City, but before fighting Buu. Once you find
Hercule, you will then need to fly to Central City and talk to
Videl, which will unlock Hercule.

Kid Buu:
Defeat Kid Buu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

Kid Goku:
As Goku in Dragon Universe mode, at the beginning look
for someplace that reads "Grandpa Gohan's house". After
you go to it and Goku talks to his grandpa, you will unlock Kid
Goku. Alternately, successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Broly.

Kid Trunks:
Defeat Majin Buu as Vegeta in Dragon Universe mode.

Majin Buu:
Defeat Majin Buu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

Metal Cooler:
In Goku's Dragon Universe mode (second time), after
youu defeat Frieza once, go to the red dot at the top. It will
show Cooler there and he will talk. Defeat him and another intermission
sequence will start. Then, Metal Cooler will appear. After talking
to him you will be on the map again. Instead of fighting him go
a short distance to the north. You should find his capsule to
change into Metal Cooler.

Omega Shenron:
To receive the Omega Shenron capsule, you first have
to defat Broly. Goku will then say that a paper flew from the
sky, and Trunks and Goten want a fusion battle. Go to an island
northeast of the World Tournament. Once there, you will get Goku's
Super Saiyan 4. Go to West City and Bulma will talk about the
Dragon Radar. Then, defeat Gotenks at the World Tournament. A
new red dot will appear. Go to it to fight Omega Shenron, then
defeat him. You will receive the Omega Shenron capsule. In order to battle Omega Shenron, you need to be playing through
Goku's Dragon Universe mode a second time. In order to battle
Omega Shenron, you must have collected Goku's SSJ4 capsule. With
this done, fulfill the requirements for fighting Broly. Once you
have defeated Broly, ignore the red dot on the map and fly to
West City. Goku will have a a conversation with Bulma about the
Dragon Radar. Proceed to the red dot on your map and defeat Gotenks
at the World Tournament using the Gogeta fusion. Once you have
done so, a new red dot will appear on your map, where you will
find Omega Shenron. SSJ4 Vegeta will arrive, and he will fuse
with Goku to form SSJ4 Gogeta. You will battle Omega Shenron in
this form. Defeat Omega Shenron, and you will unlock him. Defeat Broly a second time. After you get an invitation to fight
Gotenks, do not go to the red dot. Instead, go to to Bulma at
West City. She will talk about Vegeta training to go to SS4. Afterwards,
you can fight Gotenks at the tournament. Instead of it ending,
it will continue and you will have to fight Omega Shenron. Defeat
him to get his capsule.

Omega Shenron: Level 99:
Enter *cT)xz tgGtuI yUivbR bPiTLv
mtNuRf BJulNf as a password.

Defeat Adult Gohan when breaks in to Dragon arena.

Potara Fusion Kabitoshin:
To unlock the Potara fusion you must first unlock Supreme
Kai on Adult Gohan. Defeat Kid Buu. and before fighting Broly
go to the west. There will be a little island covered in forest.
There will be a "Forest". Open it and you will have
the Potara fusion.

Defeat Recoome as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.

You will first need to unlock Dragon Arena. Your character
should be level 10 to 20 and facing opponents at least twice your
level. Nappa will eventually break in. When he is defeated, you
will unlock the Saibamen. In Dragon Arena, fight opponents between levels 31 to 35 and Nappa
or Kid Gohan will break in. Defeat them to get Saibaman. Their biggest strength is their one bar limitations. This means
if you have seven Saibamen (seven bars of health), something like
Big Bang Kahmehameha X100 or Super Spirit Bomb is only worth one
bar of health (one Saibamen), as you cannot kill or hurt more
than one at a time. Also, their best move is their Self-Destruct.
It may take away the rest of the bar of health you are on (killing
your Saibamen), but you can do major damage with the correct skills
and conditions. Latch on to them to do much more damage. Because
they have no specials, it is a very big disadvantage. However
you can make it work by combining Self-Destruct with many fighting
combos. They are also fast also. Keep away half the time and bombard
them with fighting skills the other half.

SSJ2 Gogeta:
After defeating Broly in Dragon Universe mode, defeat
Gotenks at the World Tournament Arena.

SS4 Gogeta:
Defeat Omega Shenron to unlock SS4 Gogeta. Use the following trick for an alternate SSJ4 Gogeta. Have the
fusion For SSJ4 Gogeta and eqiup it with Goku in his GT outfit
(blue). Then, charge up all the way and transform into SSJ4 Goku
and do the fusion. Gogeta should have white hair and a dark skin
color. Note: To use the SSJ4 Gogeta capsule as either Goku or Vegeta,
you must have the opposite character's SS4 form or you will just
get the Kamehameha as an attack.

Super Buu:
Defeat Super Buu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode.


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