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1 Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World on Tue May 17, 2011 1:14 am



Fighters Road:
Successfully compete Dragon Mission and buy its capsule
from the shop.

Hint: Unlocking characters:
In order to unlock the characters you must complete
the saga that they are in. Then, go to Warrior's Room. Go to the
shop and purchase them. When you have completed Dragon missions
you can buy the new option labelled "?????" for 50,000

Cell saga characters and techniques: Complete the Cell saga in
Story mode.

Frieza saga characters and techniques: Complete the Frieza saga
in Story mode.

GT saga characters and techniques: Complete the Gt saga in Story

Majin Buu saga characters and techniques: Complete the Majin Buu
saga in Story mode.

Saiyan saga characters and techniques: Complete the Saiyan saga
in Story mode.

Bardock: Finish all missions dealing with Bardock in Story mode

Broly Face Broly three times then finish the "other"
saga in Story mode.

Cooler Face Cooler three three times then finish the "other"
saga in Story mode.

Janemba Face Janemba two times then finish the "other"
saga in Story mode.

Pikkon: Defeat Pikkon in Story mode 2.

Hint: Easy money:
Get knocked ringout with 18 when you are fighting Hercule
in the Buu Saga the second time you play through Dragonmission.
Under the Z difficulty it will give you 60,000 and 90,000 zeni
with "We Got The Power" at maximum.

Hint: Easy win:
Upgrade Kid Gohan's Ultimate Masenko, Teen Gohan's
Super Kamehameha, Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon or Raditz Saturday
Crush to the highest level. When you use this on an opponent and
it hits it does about 2,000 to 2,500 points of damage. The fatigue
gauge of your opponent probably will go full, then he will become
defenseless for a few seconds. Use a Ki healing item then do the
attack again. By doing this you will reduce your opponent's health
with four or five gauges. You can also do this while in Aura Burst
mode and have above four gauges of Ki. If you do this in Aura
Burst mode you will not need an item.

Hint: Full stars on life after a mission:

This trick requires either Cooler with Cooler's spaceship
or Frieza and his spaceship. If you are about to win but have
low life, allow your opponent to kill you. Your spaceship will
revive you as Mecha Frieza or Metal Cooler with full life. You
can then kill your opponent at full health.

Hint: Recommended skills:
Try the following.

1 Ultimate Max
2 Super Max
1 Senzu Bean or Vaccine with Viral Heart Disease Max
1 Veteran Warrior Max
1 We Gotta Power! Max
1 Fighters Body Max

Glitch: Misspelling:
Offense is misspelled as "offence".


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