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1 Dragon Quest 8: Journey Of The Cursed King on Tue May 17, 2011 1:29 am



Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game and continue from your
cleared saved game file to play the Dragonvian Trials bonus dungeon.
Successfully complete that dungeon and defeat the final Boss of
the game again to unlock an alternate ending sequence.

Hint: Play as Yangus, Jessica, or Angelo:

Go to your line up. Place the desired character where
the Hero is. When you resume your game you will be playing as
whoever you chose. Note: You must have Jessica to use her, and
Angelo to use him.

Hint: Baumren's Bell:
To get Baumren's Bell and use Sabrecats wherever there
is stable ground, you must deliver the Sand Of Serenity to a tree
that appears only at dawn. You cannot directly approach this tree
from the starting point of Chateau Felix. However, you can get
there by going around the landscape. By doing this on the back
of a Great Sabrecat, you should arrive at the tree a few minutes
before it appears. You should see the tree materialize on a pile
of rocks, with a blue Sabrecat walking around it. Give him the
Sand Of Serenity by using it, then return to Chateau Felix to
claim Baumren's Bell. Note: It is recommend that you do this side
quest as soon as possible. It will save you some grief in getting

Hint: Dragon Soul:
The hero's Dragon Soul ability is learned at level
65 and does about 300 damage to a single enemy. With Raised Tension
and Oomph it does a maximum of 3,500 points of damage but can
cost a lot of MP (64). It is best to get the hero's Courage ability
up until he learns Half MP before you start using that ability.

Hint: Gigagash:
When you get the hero's sword ability to 100 you will
get Gigaslash. However if you have both his sword and courage
skills up to 100 he will learn Gigagash. Gigagash is a much stronger
version of Gigaslash and does around 300 to 500 damage to a group
of enemies, and about 500 to 1000 damage with Raised Tension.

Hint: Gospel Ring:
Fight all 295 different types of monsters. The Gospel
Ring will be available when you view the enemies defeated section
of the battle records menu. This item will prevent random battles.

Hint: Heavenly King Sword:
Combine Slime Crown + Rusty Old Sword + Gospel Ring
to create a Heavenly King Sword (ATT -195, 100,000 gold, Instance
Kill Power and Increase Expand Gold X3).

Hint: Thief's Key:
In Farebury, go on top of the church (where the bell
is located) and get the Thief's Key recipe. On the ship (just
after you defeated the sea monster), search around to find the
Bronze Knife. Talk to Trode to get the Alchemy Pot. Once you get
to Peregrin Quay, go to the Inn and talk to the man with the black
hood. He will talk to you about his days as a thief, then give
an Iron Nail. Once you have acquired all the items, put those
two items (Bronze Knife and Iron Nail) into the Alchemy Pot. Wait
a while until it makes the Thief's Key.

Hint: Easy experience:
To gain about 1,000 to 2,000 experience points early
in the game, once Angelo asks you to check on the Abbot, go to
the Ruined Abbey slightly north of there. Instead of flying through
the dungeon, walk around until you encounter a Metal Slime. Metal
Slimes will run usually on the first turn, but if not, try hitting
it. Metal Slimes have low amount of HP and sometime appear in
groups of two. Make sure your main character is equipped with
a Boomerang -- if you fight two you can hit both of them. Have
Yangus attack normally, and do the same with Jessica. Do not use
spells, as they have no effect. If you manage to kill the Metal
Slime(s), you will be rewarded with about 1,000 to 2,000 experience
points, and about 299 to 499 gold. Repeat this as much as desired. When Angelo asks you to check on the Abbot, go to the Ruined Abbey
slightly north of there. Use Angelo's ring to open the entrance
underground. Once there, be patient, as at first you will encounter
regular enemies. After a few battles you should encounter a Metal
Slime(s). They possess only 4 HP but are difficult to defeat because
they either dodge or run away immediately. Once you encounter
a slime or slimes (up to three), concentrate on only one of them,
as it is difficult to kill one. To guarantee a kill, equip a sword
with "The Hero", and you must know the ability "Metal
Slash." With Yagus, just attack normally. Equip a whip for
Jessica and you must know the ability "Twin Dragon Lash,"
which she will strike twice (and make it very likely to land at
least one). It is best to train in the Ruined Abbey after you
get Angelo, as he also knows the Metal Slash with a sword like
"The Hero." Since the Metal Slime is metal, when you
strike it with a Metal Slash technique it is likely to take 2
HP from the 4 HP that the Metal Slime posseses. When Jessica strikes,
it is likely she will land at least one hit and take another HP
from the Metal Slime. It is not not important if Yagus lands or
not, because Angelo's Metal Slash (which can do up to 2 HP damage)
will definitely hit. Thus, you have a guaranteed kill, giving
you up to 1,000 or more experience points. Also, it is much faster
to use Whistle by Yagus to get into battle much quicker, as the
slime appears randomly. Additionally, standing in one location
is slower -- try running around until the slimes do not appear
for awhile. When this happens, change locations and use Whistle.
Go to the area before Maella Abbey and run around until you get
into a battle with at least one Dingaling. Kill anything besides
the Dingaling(s). After only the Dingalings remain, psyche yourself
up, heal, or use magic to raise your stats. Eventually, with a
little patience, one of the Dingalings will call for backup. A
Jargon will appear. If you are psyched up, use one person to kill
the Jargon. Leave the Dingalings alone, and continue to heal,
psyche up, or use stat-raising magic. Do not kill any of the Dingalings.
The more of them there are, the better the chance of them calling
for backup. Continue to attack only the Jargons and make sure
you continue to psyche yourself up. it is important to kill the
Jargons on the first turn, because they can cause heavy damage
and blind your party. If more than one Jargon is called, try using
Jessica's psyched up attack. It hits an entire group, and should
kill any number of Jargons. When you get low on health, or feel
that you have killed enough, simply kill the Dingalings; they
are relatively weak. Technically, you can get unlimited amounts
of experience per battle. However if you get to about Jargon p
or Q, you should get about 1,000 experience points. This is very
useful for the area. Make sure to equip your characters with lots
of medical or strong herbs. Metal Slimes in the Ruined Abbey (after you acquire Angelo's Templar
ring) are worth about 1,300 experience points per kill; They also
work rather well later in the game, but only until about level
22 to 25. Also, do not always wait until your characters are at
a few HP/MP unless they have the Evac and Zoom spells. Fight the
Dingaling squads who summon Jargons, and only kill the Jargons
with Yangus and the Hero from psyching. This will give you some
earlier experience than Metal Slimes, and the experience gained
is more stable than trying to kill Metal Slimes. In the room with the two treasure chests (one of which contains
the magical key) in Trodain Castle, there is a creature called
Liquid Metal Slime. Use Yangus' Whistle technique to try to encounter
this enemy. It may take a while for you to encounter this creature.
Once encountered, use Metal Slash for both Angelo and Hero and
use Twin Dragon Whip Slash for Jessica to defeat it before it
runs away. It is the same as the Metal Slime in the ruined Abbey,
but it has about 10 HP and high vitality. If you managed to defeat
it, you will gain 10,050 experience points. Go to Castle Trodain and fight Liquid Metal Slimes. You will get
10,050 experience points for killing them. This is also a faster
way of leveling up if you are over level 20. Once you get the ship, press Square to access the world
map. On the very bottom left of the map (southwest), at the very
corner, there is an island that is not visible. Go there on your
ship to find the island. Once you find the island that is not
visible on the map, go there. On this island, it is very common
to encounter a Liquid Metal Slime, unlike in Castle Trodain where
it takes a very long time. Run around the entire island, as they
appear much faster this way, rather then casting Whistle on the
same spot. You will encounter this Liquid Metal Slime frequently,
and if defeated you will receive over 10,000 experience points.
Note: Once you encounter the Liquid Metal Slime, use Metal Slash
with the Hero and Angelo and Twin Dragon Slash with Jessica. Attack
normally with Yagus. This place is not far from Neos, so it is
recommended to first visit there as you will get access to cast
Zoom to appear there after you trained on this secret island.
Once refreshed, the sail is not that far off. You can easily transport
from Neos to this island and then cast Zoom to teleport for healing.
This trick requires the Godbird acquired later in the game. East
of Orkutsk and north of the tall tower is an elevated forest (non-snowy
area). Every type of Metal Slime can be encountered here, including
King Metal Slime. Metal Slimes appear very frequently. It can
take awhile to encounter Liquid Metal Slimes and King Metal Slimes,
but it is possible to get into a battle with one King Metal Slime
surrounded by six Liquid Metal Slimes. To find the Metal King Slime you must obtain the Godbird's Soul.
When you obtain the item, fly around Orkukst until you reach a
place with no snow near Rydons Tower, up on a hill. When you reach
that place, you will encounter a lot of Metal Slimse, Liquid Metal
Slimes, and a Slime King. Slime Kings have 20 HP and the same
defense as the Metal Slime. When you hit the Metal King Slime,
it will only take about 1 or 2 damage. If you are able to defeat
the Metal King Slime you will get about 30,051 experience points.
Note: He will run away quickly just like the others, so it will
be difficult to hit him. Note: You will need the flying ability. Go to the east side of
Empyrea's Nest (where egg was being held captive). There is patch
of land with a treasure chest containing a Skull Helm during day
and lots of Gold Golems. At night there are Liquid Metal Slimes.
Do not use Yangus' Whistle. It is more effective if you just run
around. In the forest northwest of the Royal Training Ground, Metal Slimes
are easy to find during the day in groups of one to eight. They
will yielded 1350 to 5000 experience points by Metal Slash acquired
by the Hero and Angelo. You can take at least one to five of the
eight and get lots of experience points to reach level 40 quickly.
You can also use one of Yangus' techniques called Whistle to make
the Metal Slimes appear faster. At Dark Ruins near to where you face Dhoulmagus, there is a break
in the wall where water comes out and forms a pool. This pool
completely restores HP and MP. Either run around outside the break
(no monsters go in that room) or use Yangus' skill Whistle. The
battles range from 210 experience points (a lone troll) to over
1,000 experience points (depending on how many enemies you face
and whether they are "kazing" their fallen comrades
back to life). Whenever you run low on HP/MP, return to the pool
of water to get fully restored. Once you attain the Godbird Soulstone, use it to go to the elevated
area between Rydon's tower and Orkutsk (also known as Howlwind
Hill). On this hill is the Conquerors Axe and every type of Metal
Slime. No matter where you are on the hill, it mostly follows
the same sequence of enemies. Basically, use your whistle option.
You will encounter at least one Metal King Slime about every fifteen
battles. It is imperative for Yangus to have the Executioner ability
with an axe. They run instantly 50% of the time before you even
have a chance to strike at them. The most rounds you will have
with them are three. The hero should concentrate on the Liquid
Metal Slimes that often accompany the Metal King. Have him use
Metal Slash. Have Yangus do an Executioner move on the Metal King
or any Metal Slime. If you can, try to equip Jessica with the
Timbrel of Tension and have her use it. Her Dragon Tail move is
rarely effective against the Metal Slimes. Then, have Angelo use
the Metal Slash. Use this same technique on any Metal Slimes from
regular to King until Yangus runs out of MP. You will gain two
or three levels at a time at least, depending on your luck. To get better experience, have the Hero equipped with a Spear,
and give him a Meteorite Bracer, a Mercury Bandanna (can be made
by dropping a bandanna with a Agility Ring), and have Yangus equiped
with a axe, and a Agility Ring or the Meteorite Bracer. Go to
The Dragon Graveyard, and have Yangus whistle until a Metal King
Slime appears. Have Jessica cast Accelerate, and have the Hero
use Lightening Thrust and Yangus use Executioner. If the Hero
has both items equipped and if his agility is over 200, he should
strike first. The Metal King Slime is less likely to run if it
has back-up. When you complete the game, go to the extra dungeon.
Reach the Dragovian Sanctuary, turn back around, and stop at the
tunnel. Have Yangus whistle, and instead of one, two Metal King
Slimes will appear, giving you better odds of killing at least
one. Also, it does not matter what Angelo does. However, if you
want to greatly increase your odds, get Angelo's bow skills to
100 to learn Needle Rain. With each arrow, you could probably
land a one-hit kill on the Metal King Slime. Make sure that you are at level 25 then go to Argonia. Leave town
and run in the wild until you find Magic Dumbbels. You will usually
find groups of them. Make them summon more Magic Dumbbels and
repeat. You will get a lot of experience and gold. Go to the hilltop hut. Go to the wasteland and run around until
you find Mud Hands. If there are only about two Mud Hands, defend
until they call for back up. Go through the alphabet from A through
P about three times and you will get 2,000 experience points.
This does take some time, but is very effective. After you are leveled up with your Hero and Angelo, go to the
casino and purchase two Falcon Swords. Make sure you have the
Metal Slash ability for both. Travel to Hollow Wind Hill (accessible
by air next to Rydons Tower). This is where you will find the
most Metal Slimes in the game. King Metal Slimes run in pairs
or alone with six Liquid Metal Slimes. Try and psyche up at least
once with the Timbrel Of Tension. Use Metal Slash with the Hero
and Angelo, Executioner (axe technique) with Yangus, and Twin
Dragon Lash with Jessica. You can land between 10 and 20 HP on
the Metal Slimes. If the King Metal stays around, keep using Executioner
on it. This has about a 50% success rate. If all goes well, you
can land between 10,050 and 60,000 experience points in one battle.
After reaching an average party level 32 to 35, go to Dragon Graveyard.
To save a lot of time, use Holy Water to reduce the amount of
weak enemy parties and increase your chances of fighting a Metal
King Slime. Whistle continuously and Flee from every fight that
does not contain a Metal King Slime. This strategy also works
at Howling Hill. This strategy works best with Hero using Spears
and Yangus using Axes. Hero should use Lightning Thrust and Yangus
should use Executioner. Give Meteorite Bracelet to Jessica and
have her use Acceleration once or twice until your entire party
strikes first. Angelo can use Needle Rain if he has Bows or try
for a critical hit with any weapon. You should be able to kill
the King Slime in one round and hope for Beezlebubs to Kerplunk,
reviving the Metal King Slime for more experience.

Hint: Easy gold:
Use the following trick to get easy gold on the Island
Of The Temple Of Neos. Just southeast of Simpleton are Gold Brick
monsters. They are best found on the southern half of the island,
around the temple entrance. They are fairly common. They have
about 100 HP and the drop about 726 in gold. Sometimes you can
find multiple ones. When you are trying to make money to buy items at the bazaar,
go to the Isle of Neos. The enemies there are not too strong compared
to you, and the battles should be easy. You will often encounter
Gold Golems, which drop just over 700 gold each. Use the following trick to earn more gold from Gold Golems. Gold
Golems are found in the desert island of Neos, in the central
ocean. They appear as single enemies or in groups of two, three
and four. They are also mixed in groups with other monsters. You
will earn 54 experience points and 726 gold by defeating just
one Gold Golem. They sometimes drop, or you can steal from them,
Gold Bracers and Gold Rings. This trick only works if there is
a combo of one or two Gold Golems and one to three Tap Devils
together. This is also a risky tactic. Tap Devils have the ability
to confuse members with their Fuddle Dance and kill team members
with their Death Dance. Start by killing any Gold Golems first.
Allow the Tap Devils to cast the spell Kerplunk. If this is successful,
they will revive the fallen Gold Golems, and the Tap Devil that
cast it dies. Then. kill the Gold Golems again. You will earn
double the experience and gold, as if there were two to four Gold
Golems, instead of one or two. Fight Goodybags found in the Swordsman's Labyrinth, or Mimics
and Canniboxes on the uncharted Unnamed Island in the bottom left
of the map. Mimics give you 72 gold per monster. Goodybags give
you 106 gold. Canniboxes give you 110 gold. Keep fighting these
monsters for experience and gold. You will soon be able to afford
the more expensive items. Another benefit to fighting these monsters
is that Medicinal Herbs cost 8 gold each, allowing you to be able
to buy 13 for each Cannibox. Thus, you will be able to create
four Rose Roots, which can be beneficial when Angelo and the Hero
run low on MP to cast healing spells. Buy Prayer Rings at the casino in Bacarrat. They cost 1,000 tokens
but you can sell them for 1,500 gold. The price never goes down
as it does when you mix and sell herbs with the Alchemy Pot. Buy a suit of Silver Mail in Ascantha and a Dancer's Costume in
either Pickham or Baccarat for a total of 5,600 gold. Combine
them in your alchemy pot for a suit of Dancer's Mail, which you
can sell for 8,200 gold, resulting in a profit of 2,600 gold.
Note: You can only sell a limited number of Dancer's Mail at the
8,200 gold before the price drops to 5,175, making it no longer
worth it

Hint: Easy wins:
Once your team has the desired amount of Tension or
Oomph, if needed make the hero use Falcon Slash, Dragon Soul or
Multi Thrust; Yangus use Paralax, Typhonus Maul or Grimmer Reaper;
Angelo use Falcon Slash, Multi Shot or Lightning Storm, and Jessica
use Twin Dragon Lash, Blow Kiss, Hustle Dance (if you need healing)
or Serpents Bite. This is good against most Bosses and usually
leads to a very heavy amount of damage.

Hint: Visit Pickham early:
After Jessica joins your party and you are given free
reign there are a few things that can be done. Instead of going
to Maella Abbey and Simpletown and continuing the storyline, try
the following. Stop at each town and village just to add them
to the "zoom list". Go past Simpleton and make a dash
for the Riverside Chapel (the next town on the "zoom list").
Use Holy Waters to make the trip easier. Once you get to the Chapel,
rest, save the game, use Holy Water, then dash to Ascantha. Repeat
the process and run to the tiny hut near the lake south of Ascantha
if you need to heal. If you are skilled, you can skip it and go
south to Morrie's Place/Monster Arena. Talk to Morrie to get the
three memos. Zoom somewhere to save the game just to be safe.
Zoom to Morrie's Place and make one last dash to Pickham. If done
correctly, you will have made it to Pickham, leveled up Jessica
and looted Ascantha and Pickham for decent items. Zoom back to
Maella Abbey to continue the storyline.

Hint: Completing all Dragovian Trials:

Throughout the game use any Seeds of Magic on the Hero
to increase Max MP. Give him the Sorceror's Ring if possible to
increase MP further. Make sure the Courage skill is maxed out
to get 50% MP use.You can easily complete the first Dragovian
Trial using the Dragon Soul attack when it is psyched up. Choose
the Ultimate Alchemy Pot for a prize and farm as many Elfin Elixers
as possible. Spread the Elixers out amongst your party and use
them to refill the Hero's magic when needed. Another crucial part
of this strategy is making two Timbrels of Tension. Give the Timbrels
to Yangus and Jessica and have Angelo heal every turn with Multiheal
or Fullheal. Omniheal if seriously needed; you have Elixers in
case you run low on MP. As you fight the tougher Dragon Bosses
(for example, Darksteel, Divine, etc.), have the Hero psyche up
on the first round, Yangus use Timbrel, Jess use Timbrel, Angelo
either Kabuff or heal party. On the second round, Hero should
be at 50 tension, so use Dragon Soul or Gigagash/Lightning Storm.
This will net the most damage possible using the least amount
of magic and is the quickest and most efficient way to defeat
the Dragon Bosses, especially during the final Trial. For quicker
healing and better protection, buy two to four Staffs of Resurrection
and give them to every character who does not know Kazing to have
a good chance of avoiding ending the game against the tougher

Hint: Easy casino tokens:
After the casino at Bacarrat opens, go to the roulette
wheel. Place a bet on and in between every number above 18. Fill
up one third of the board in every space possible. For some reason
the roulette game seems to hit on or above 20 an unusually large
percentage of the time. If you score you will win back about three
times as many tokens as you bet. Save after every win and reset
every time you lose. After a few wins you should have enough tokens
to place the max bet. Each spin will cost 18,000 tokens, but a
win will earn you between 52,000 and 66,000 tokens. Do not get
greedy at the exchange counter and make sure you keep at least
18,000 tokens so that you can keep playing and winning big. After fighting Marcello back at Neos, go to Bacarrat. Once inside
the town, go to the left. You should see a King Squid in a fountain.
Battle and defeat it (which should be easy by now). Three people
will surround you. One of them will offer you 200 Casino Tokens.
Say "No". Then, she will offer you 400 Casino Tokens.
This time, say "Yes".

Hint: Rare equipment:
Save rare equipment early in the game. Do not get rid
of items you do not know where to buy or make from alchemy, because
you might not get them for a long time; and that will prevent
you from making some of the better equipment early in the game.

Hint: Old equipment:
If you get new equipment, do not be steadfast to sell
the old. Some of that equipment can be used in the alchemy pot
for better items. For example, Bandit's Vest + Bandanna. It is
not an overall great item to turn out, but it can be useful in
the very beginning. Also, a normal Boomerang + Iron Nail = Reinforced
Boomerang, which is one of the better boomerangs which can be
acquired very early.

Hint: Determining item upgradability:
When you are trying to figure out what items to sell
to make extra money, unequip any item you have then go to the
alchemy pot. Any item that is darkened cannot be used in the alchemy
pot. Thus, you know that it is safe to sell. This is especially
helpful after you make items and you are not sure if they can
be upgraded again.

Hint: Faster alchemy cook time:
Alchemy cook time seems to be based on the number of
steps taken. To speed up the process, begin a recipe in a town
and run in place against a building or object. Corners seem to
work best. Your recipe should be ready in a little less than two

Hint: Cheese:
At the beginning of the game you can talk to the Troll
that lives in a house on a hill behind the waterfall cave. He
will ask you to get his bag by a red tree. The first thing he
gives you are eight pieces of cheese. Go back to him later in
the game to get some special cheeses (Cured, Angel, and Mild).
Those cheeses will help you with the more difficult Bosses in
the game.

Hint: Milk:
Talk to any cow on the field to get a free bottle of
Fresh Milk.

Hint: Seeds:
Keep seeds for a save point. If you only gain 1 for
a stat, so you can reset. The seeds will be more wisely used.
Also, use the seeds on characters that need the stat. For example,
do not use a Strength seed on Yangus, or a Magic or Wisdom seed
on Jessica. You can, but be warned -- some characters will be
overall weaker if their weaknesses are not compensated.

Hint: Statues:
When you get to Rapthorn's Castles and must go in the
circle, just before you get to him, look behind you when you go
down the steps to go in the circle. You will see a Yangu, Jessica,
Angelo, and The Hero statue. Also, when you look at the Hero statue
his head will be gone.

Hint: Monster Hev, the Metal King Slime:

Defeat the final Boss, watch the credits, and continue
playing the same file. Go through the newly unlocked Dragovian
Caves until you reach the Dragovian Sanctuary. Follow through
with the story here. Agree to snap the Lord Of The Dragovians
back to his senses, then do so. After this, you may embark on
the "Dragovian Trials" which is basically defeating
the Lord Of The Dragovians again. Being at least level 55 is recommended
so the Holy Waters keep the strong random monsters away. After
you defeat his human form and the Vermillion Dragon form, you
can choose one of six prizes. They are: a strengthened alchemy
pot, a Dragovian sword, shield, armor, or helm, and "a legendary
monster team". Choosing the monster team prize unlocks Hev
the Metal King Slime at Trodain Castle Lake. He has 10 HP, and
completes three different Metal Slime specific monster teams that
all have amazing death moves.

Hint: The Trap Box:
Make sure that Jessica has the Toxic Dagger ability.
It will do 137 damage to the Boss. Pound his health away and heal
when a person is about to die. He should be dead in about ten
turns or more.

Hint: Defeating King Squids:
If you are having trouble sailing around at low levels
because of King Squids, put them to sleep with Jessica's "Snooze"
magic, then immediately use "Whack" or "Thwack"
from Angelo. If the King Squid is asleep it will die instantly
with Whack. This works well with any high HP having enemy that
can be put to sleep.

Hint: Defeating Metal Slimes:
In the medical shop, buy the Holy Water. Go to battle
with Metal Slime. Choose command item and use it on the Metal
Slime. It will always do 1 damage. Do this four times for Metal
Slimes when you are at levels 20 to 25. Metal Slimes, Liquid Metal Slimes, and Metal King Slimes offer
the best training experience in the game. An easy way to find
them is on Hollowind Hill, just north of Rydon's Tower. To make
short work of Metal Slimes, just have Metal Slash on the Hero
and Angelo and Jessica have the Liquid Metal Sword. To defeat
Liquid Metal Slimes and Metal King Slimes quickly, equip the Hero
with a spear and use Lightning Thrust and Yangus equipped with
an axe and use Executioner. Have Jessica use Accelerate to help
move before the slimes can run away. Angelo is only useful for
killing the regular Metal Slimes. Instead of using Metal Slash repeatedly to kill a Metal Slime
before it runs away, there is actually an easier way. Level up
Yangus with axes and the hero with spears. You will get two abilities,
Executioner (Yangus) and Lightning Thrust (hero). If you use these
abilities and land a hit with them, chances are the Metal Slimes
will easily be killed. This makes it much easier to earn experience,
whether it be Metal Slime, Liquid Metal Slime or Metal King Slime,
because it is a critical hit it will do about 200 to 300 damage
(depending on level).

Hint: Defeating Talos:
Use the following trick if you are having trouble defating
Talos early on to use in the Monster Arena. You can defeat him
at party level 15. Buy one or two Dream Blades and give them to
Angelo and/or Yangus. In the first round, Hero psyches up, Yangus
psyches up or uses Dream Blade as an item, Jessica uses "Snooze",
and Angelo uses Dream Blade as an item. You basically have three
chances of putting Talos to sleep. If he does not fall asleep,
you have bad luck. Load a saved game and try again. Once Talos
is asleep, always have Angelo using Dream Blade to keep Talos
in that state. Have the Hero and Yangus psyche up to maximum and
have Jessica use "Sap" twice, then "Oomph"
on Hero or Yangus. If done correctly, Talos' defense should drop
twice, you should hit him with you strongest attacks while psyched
up. If this does not finish him off, try calling your monster
team to finish the job. This strategy also works well with Hackzilla
and Brickman early on.

Hint: Recommended abilities:

Hero - Power Throw

Yangus - Helm Splitte
Hatchet Man
Share MP

Jessica - Kasap

Angelo - Kathwack

Hint: Casino items:
Spend the indicated number of tokens
at that Casino game to obtain the corresponding item.

Agility Ring: 1,000 Tokens at Pickham
Falcon Blade: 1,0000 Tokens at Baccarat
Gringham Whip: 2,00000 Tokens at Baccarat
Liquid Metal Armor: 5,0000 Tokens at Baccarat
Magic Water: 100 Tokens at Pickham
Platinum Headgear: 5,000 Tokens at Pickham
Prayer Ring: 1,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Rune Staff: 3,000 Tokens at Pickham
Saint's Ashes: 5,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Silver Platter: 500 Tokens at Pickham
Spangled Dress: 3,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Titan Belt: 1,500 Tokens at Pickham

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any corrections or verifications.

Hint: Monster Arena awards:
Get the indicated rank at the Monster Arena to receive
the corresponding award.

Bardiche of Binding: Rank B
Bunny Suit: Rank F
Dragon Robe: Rank S
Hero Spear: Rank A
Mighty Armlet: Rank D
Ring of Clarity: Rank E
Saint's Ashes: Rank C
Strength Ring: Rank G
Call team ability for hero: Rank E
Hero Statue: Rank S
No entry fees: Rank S
Fight against your team option: Rank F
Second monster team: Rank B
Three more reserve monster slots: Rank D
Three more reserve monster slots: Rank G

Hint: Dodgy Dave trades:
Trade the indicated item after Dodgy Dave opens his
special shop to get the indicated item.

1,200 gold: Trade a Reinforced Boomerang
500 gold: Trade a Special Medicine
6,000 gold: Trade Robe of Serenity
Bandit Axe: Trade Ring of Immunity
Big Boss Shield: Trade Crimson Robe
Happy Hat: Trade Sandstorm Spear

Hint: Dancing monsters:
Go to the battle records in the menu then choose the
defeated monster list. Select any monster that you have defeated
(for example, the Monster Slime). Press X button to make
him wiggle and press Circle to make him do other things.
Try doing this with all the other monsters.

Hint: Mini Medal purchases:
Give the indicated number of Mini Medals to to Princess
Minnie to receive the corresponding item.

28 Mini Medals: Fishnet Stockings
36 Mini Medals: Posh Waistcoat
45 Mini Medals: Staff of Divine Wrath
52 Mini Medals: Gold Nugget
60 Mini Medals: Meteroite Bracer
68 Mini Medals: Miracle Sword
75 Mini Medals: Sacred Armour
83 Mini Medals: Orichalcum
90 Mini Medals: Metal King Helmet
99 Mini Medals: Dangerous Bustier
110 Mini Medals: Flail of Destruction

Hint: Item formulas:

Agility Ring = Prayer Ring + Seed Of Agility
Catholicon Ring = Full Moon Ring + Ring Of Truth + Ring Of Immunity

Elevating Shoes = Fishnet Stockings + Happy Hat
Full Moon Ring = Gold Ring + Poison Moth Knife
Goddess Ring = Recovery Ring + Orichalcum
Holy Talisman = Tough Guy Tattoo + Holy Water + Gold Rosary
Life Bracer = Recovery Ring + Gold Bracer
Meteorite Bracer = Agility Ring + Agility Ring + Orichalcum
Mighty Armlet = Strength Ring + Titan Belt
Prayer Ring = Gold Ring + Seed Of Magic
Recovery Ring = Prayer Ring + Seed Of Life
Ring Of Awakening = Gold Ring + Dream Blame
Ring Of Clarity = Gold Ring + Fallen Angel Rapier
Ring Of Immunity = Gold Ring + Poison Needle
Ring Of Truth = Gold Ring + Sandstorm Spear
Ruby Of Protection = Prayer Ring + Seed Of Defence
Scholar's Specs = Ring Of Awakening + Ring Of Clarity + Seed Of
Skull Ring = Sorcerer's Ring + Devil's Tail
Sorcerer's Ring = Skull Ring + Saint's Ashes + Saint's Ashes

Strength Ring = Prayer Ring + Seed Of Strength
Titan Belt = Leather Kilt + Strength Ring

Angel's Robe = Flowing Dress + Magical Skirt
Bandit Mail = Heavy Armor + Bandit Axe + Bandit's Grass Skirt

Boxer Shorts = Bandit's Grass Skirt + Bandana
Bronze Armor = Chain Mail + Bronze Shield
Bunny Suit = Silk Bustier + Bunny Tail
Chain Mail = Wayfarer's Clothes + Chain Whip
Crimson Robe = Sage's Robe + Magic Water + Nook Grass
Dancer's Mail = Silver Mail + Dancer's Costume
Dark Robe = Cloak Of Evasion + Devil's Tail + Wing Of Bat
Divine Bustier = Dangerous Bustier + Shimmering Dress
Dragon Mail = Silver Mail + Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale
Fur Poncho = Magic Beast Hide + Magic Beast Hide
Gigant Armor = Bandit Mail + Mighty Armlet + Mighty Armlet
Iron Cuirass = Iron Shield + Iron Shield
Leather Armor = Wayfarer's Clothes + Magic Beast Hide
Leather Dress = Dancer's Costume + Magic Beast Hide
Leather Kilt = Leather Whip + Bandana
Magical Skirt = Bandit's Grass Skirt + Magical Hat + Magical Mace

Magic Armor = Full Plate Armor + Prayer Ring + Ruby Of Protection

Metal King Armor = Liquid Metal Armor + Slime Crown + Orichalcum

Mirror Armor = Sivler Mail + Mirror Shield + Mirror Shield
Platinum Mail = Zombie Mail + Saint's Ashes
Princess's Robe = Angel's Robe + Gold Rosary + Shimmering Dress

Robe Of Serenity = Cloak Of Evasion + Boxer Shorts
Sage's Robe = Magic Vestment + Scholar's Cap
Scale Armor = Chain Mail + Bronze Shield
Shimmering Dress = Sprangled Dress + Ruby Of Protection + Gold
Silver Cuirass = Iron Cuirass + Silver Platter + Silver Platter

Spiked Armor = Magic Armor + Edged Boomerang
Templar's Uniform = Way Farer's Clothes + Templar's Shield
Wayfarer's Clothes = Plain Clothes + Plain Clothes
Zombie Mail = Platinum Mail + Devil's Tail
Zombie Mail = Silver Mail + Zombiesbane

Bandit Axe = Battle-Axe + Thief's Key
Golden Axe = Iron Axe + Gold Nugget
Iron Axe = Farmer's Scythe + Farmer's Scythe
King Axe = Golden Axe + Slime Crown
Moon Axe = Golden Axe + Moon's Mercy
Stone Axe = Stone Hardhat + Cypress Stick

Flametang Boomerang = Swallowtail + Flame Shield
Metal Wing Boomerang = Razor Wing Boomerang + Metal King Spear

Razor Wing Boomerang = Edged Boomerang + Wing Of Bat + Steel Scythe

Reinforced Boomerang = Boomerang + Iron Nail

Cheiron's Bow = Eros' Bow + Power Shield
Eros' Bow = Hunter's Bow + Garter
Hunter's Bow = Cypress Stick + Cypress Stick + Strength Ring

Hunter's Bow = Short Bow + Chain Whip
Odin's Bow = Cheiron's Bow + Eros' Bow + Great Bow

Angel Cheese = Fresh Milk + Premium Mold + Yggdrasil Dew

C-C-Cold Cheese = Cold Cheese + Premium Mold + Dragon Dung
Chilly Cheese = Cool Cheese + Waterweed Mold
Chunky Cheese = Plain Cheese + Magic Water
Cold Cheese = Chilly Cheese + Waterweed Mold + Waterweed Mold

Cool Cheese = Plain Cheese + Waterweed Mold
Cured Cheese = Fresh Milk + Premium Mold + Amor Seco Essence

Hard Cheese = Plain Cheese + Rock Salt
Highly-Strung Cheese = Super Spicy Cheese + Cold Cheese + Rock
Mild Cheese = Plain Cheese + Amor Seco Essense
Plain Cheese = Fresh Milk + Rennet Powder
Plain Cheese = Scorching Cheese + C-C-Cold Cheese
Scorching Cheese = Super Spicy Cheese + Premium Mold + Dragon
Soft Cheese = Fresh Milk + Rennet Powder + Rock Salt
Spicy Cheese = Plain Cheese + Red Mold
Super Spicy Cheese = Spicy Cheese + Nook Grass
Super Spicy Cheese = Spicy Cheese + Red Mold + Red Mold

Assassin's Dagger = Eagle Dagger + Poison Needle
Falcon Knife = Slime Earrings + Tough Guy Tattoo + Agility Ring

Imp Knife = Assassin's Dagger + Devil's Tail

Megaton Hammer = Uber War Hammer + Conquerer's Axe + Orichalcum

Sledgehammer = Giant Mallet + Iron Helmet + Iron Helmet
Uber War Hammer = War Hammre + Mighty Armlet

Bronze Helmet = Stone Hardhat + Bronze Knife + Bronze Knife

Bunny Ears = Hairband + Bunny Tail
Feathered Cap = Leather Hat + Chimaera Wing
Fur Hood = Feathered Cap + Fur Poncho
Golden Tiara = Thinking Cap + Silver Tiara + Gold Nugger
Hades' Helm = Mythril Helm + Saint's Ashes
Happy Hat = Feathered Cap + Elevating Shoes
Hermes' Hat = Feathered Cap + Mercury's Bandana
Mercury's Bandana = Bandana + Agility Ring
Mythril Helm = Hades' Helm + Saint's Ashes
Phantom Mask = Iron Headgear + Dark Robe
Pointy Hat = Leather Hat + Iron Mail
Raging Bull Helm = Mythril Helm + Cowpat + Fresh Milk
Scholar's Cap = Magical Hat + Scholar's Specs
Silver Tiara = Coral Hairpin + Silver Platter
Skull Helm = Sun Crown + Devil's Tail
Stone Hardhat = Stone Axe + Pointy Hat
Sun Crown = Skull Helm + Saint's Ashes
Thinking Cap = Scholar's Cap + Iron Headgear
Turban = Bandana + Bandana

Premium Mold = Red Mold + Waterweed Mold + Yggdrasil Leaf

Thief's Key = Bronze Knife + Iron Nail

Hell Scythe = Steel Scythe + Poison Moth Knife + Hade's Helm

Bronze Shield = Leather Shield + Bronze Knife
Dragon Shield = Steel Shield + Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale
Flame Shield = Magic Shield + Flametang Boomerange
Goddess Shield = Thanatos' Shield + Saint's Ashes
Ice Shield = Magic Shield + Icicle Dirk
Leather Shield = Pot Lid + Magic Beast Hide
Magic Shield = Steel Shield + Prayer's Ring + Ruby Of Protection

Metal King Shield = Ruinous Shield + Saint's Ashes + Orichalcum

Power Shield = Magic Shield + Strenght Ring + Cured Cheese
Ruinous Shield = Metal King Shield + Devil's Tail
Saintless Shield = Mirror Shield + White Shield + Holy Water

Scale Shield = Leather Shield + Dragon Scale
Silver Shield = Mirror Shield + Amor Seco Essence + Magic Water

Templar's Shield = Iron Shield + Templar's Uniform
Thanatos' Shield = Goddess Shield + Devil's Tail
White Shield = Iron Shield + Silver Platter
White Shield = Light Shield + Fresh Milk + Fresh Milk

Demon Spear = Battle Fork + Poison Needle + Devil's Tail

Holy Lance = Long Spear + Gold Rosary
Iron Lance = Cypress Stick + Dagger
Long Spear = Cypress Stick + Cypress Stick + Iron Lance
Sandstorm Spear = Partisan + Saint's Ashes

Magma Staff = Wizard's Staff + Rockbomb Shard
Staff Of Antimagic = Wizard's Staff + Rune Staff
Staff Of Resurrection = Rune Staff + Life Bracer + Yggdrasil Leaf

Blizzard Blade = Bastard Sword + Icicle Dirk + Cold Cheese

Copper Sword = Bronze Knife + Bronze Knife
Double-Edged Sword = Uber Double-Edge + Devil's Tail
Dragon Slayer = Dragonsbane + Mighty Armlet
Fallen Angel Rapier = Holy Silver Rapier + Devil's Tail + Wing
Of Bat
Holy Silver Rapier = Templar's Sword + Holy Talisman
Liquid Metal Sword = Rusty Old Sword + Slime Crown + Orichalcum

Mercury's Rapier = Fallen Angel Rapier + Mercury's Bandana + Mercury's
Rusty Old Sword = Liquid Metal Sword + Mystifying Mixture + Cowpat

Shamshir Of Light = Rune Staff + Light Shield + Shimmering Shoes

Uber Double-Edge = Double-Edged Sword + Saint's Ashes + Saint's
Uber Falcon Blade = Falcon Blade + Meteorite Bracer
Uber Miracle Sword = Miracle Sword + Life Bracer
Zombie Slayer = Zombiesbane + Holy Talisman

Demon Whip = Scourge Whip + Devil's Tail
Dragontail Whip = Snakeskin Whip + Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale

Leather Whip = Devil's Tail + Saint's Ashes
Scourge Whip = Demon Whip + Saint's Ashes
Snakeskin Whip = Leather Whip + Scale Shield

Expendable items
Amor Seco Essense = Holy Water + Strong Medicine
Chimaera Wing = Wing Of Bat + Wing Of Bat
Elfin Elixir = Yggdrasil Dew + Magic Water
Greater Panacea = Lesser Panacea + Rose-Root + Rose Wort
Greater Panacea = Special Medicine + Special Medicine + Special
Holy Water = Amor Seco Essense + Rock Salt
Lesser Panacea = Special Medicine + Special Medicine
Magic Water = Holy Water + Seed Of Magic
Moon's Mercy = Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb

Mystifying Mixture = Holy Water + Wing Of Bat + Cowpat
Mystifying Mixture = Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Moonwart
Strong Medicine = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb
Special Medicine = Strong Medicine + Strong Medicine
Rose Root = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb

Rose Root = Strong Medicine + Medicinal Herb
Rose-Wort = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Moonwart Bulb
Rose-Wort = Strong Medicine + Moonwart Bulb
Sage's Stone = Gold Nugget + Orichalcum + Yggdrasil Dew
Special Antidote = Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Antidotal
Special Antidote = Strong Antidote + Strong Antidote
Strong Antidote = Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb
Timbrel Of Tension = Sun Crown + Tough Guy Tattoo + Magic Beast
Yggdrasil Dew = Yggdrasil Leaf + Magic Water

Hint: Recommended team:
Try the Hero using Spears, Yangus using Axes, Jessica
using Whips and Angelo using Swords. Have the Hero split his skill
points between Swords and Courage. Yangus should use Axes and
Humanity. Jessica should use Whips and Staves. Angelo should use
Swords and Staves. As far as equipment there are a lot of good
combinations. By far the best set up is to follow the Roulette
strategy in Baccarat trick. Once you have mastered the big bets
there, you can easily amass 100,000 tokens. Use them to buy two
Liquid Metal armors. Defeat Morrie's team at his place to win
the Dragon Robe. Give the Dragon Robe to Jessica and have everyone
else use Liquid Metal Armor (found throughout the game). Use the
two Slime Crowns you can during the story to make two Metal King
Armors. Your team will now outfitted with the best armor. The
rest of your equipment is not that important; do what you feel
is best. For example, give Jessica a Meteorite Bracer so that
she is faster than any enemy and can Kazing anyone in tight situations.
Use the Sorcerer's Ring for Angelo to increase his total MP and
Wisdom. For weapons, the Hero should use Metal King Spear/Hero
Spear (for HP regeneration). Yangus should use Conquerer's Axe
and Jessica should use Scourge Whip or Grigham Whip. Note: Jessica
using Twin Dragon Lash with Gringham Whip and Oomphed does serious
damage. With these skills, weapons, and armor you basically cannot
lose until you get to the Dragovian Trails.

Hint: Triple Trouble monster team:
When you have the Triple Trouble monster team they
each can attack twice or more. They also have two death moves.
The first one does at least 530 damage. The second one does 850
damage, depending on the enemy.

Hint: Character information:

Starting Stats
LV 1
HP 22
MP 0
Strength 8
Agility 6
Resilience 6
Wisdom 5

Starting Equipment
Soldiers Sword
Plain Clothes

Level 3: Heal (restores at least 30 HP to a person)
Level 4: Squelch (cures a person who is poisoned)
Level 6: Evac (lets you escape instantly from a cave or dungeons)

Level 11: Sizz (Hits enemies with blazing fire)
Level 18: Midheal (Restores at least 75 HP to a person)
Level 20: Sizzle (Burns a group of enemies with a blazing wall
of fire)
Level 27: Fullheal (Cures all HP to a person)
Level 29: Zing (50% chance of bringing a person back to life)

Level 32: Kasizzle (torches a group of enemies with blazing flames
from the underworld)
Level 65: Dragon Soul (Unknown)

Starting Stats
LV 1
HP 30
MP 0
Strength 11
Agility 5
Resilience 7
Wisdom 2

Starting Equipment
Oaken Club
Bandit's Grass Skirt
Leather Hat

Starting Stats
LV 9
HP 41
MP 22
Strength 11
Agility 26
Resilience 9
Wisdom 25

Starting Equipment
Leather Whip
Wayfarer's Clothes
Hair Band

Start: Frizz (hits an enemy with a fireball)
Start: Sap (reduces defense of a enemy)
Level 10: Crack (hits an enemy with icicles)
Level 11: Sizz (hits an enemy with blazing fire)
Level 11: Evac (escape from dungeons, caves, towers)
Level 12: Snooze (puts a group of enemies to sleep)
Level 14: Bang (hits all enemies with a small explosion)

Hint: Baccarat's prizes:

Prayer Ring: 1,000 Tokens
Spangled Dress: 3,000 Tokens
Saint's Ashes: 5,000 Tokens
Falcon Blade: 10,000 Tokens
Liquid Metal Armor: 50,000 Tokens
Gringham Whip: 200,000 Tokens

Hint: Pickham's Prizes:

Magic Water: 100 Tokens
Silver Platter: 500 Tokens
Agility Ring: 1,000 Tokens
Titan Belt: 1,500 Tokens
Rune Staff: 3,000 Tokens
Platinum Headgear: 5,000 Tokens

Hint: Hit Hero's head on the ceiling:
Buy a Cheameara Wing and use it inside a building to
see the hero hit his head on the ceiling.

Hint: Secret conversations:
After Jessica joins the party, go back to Alexandria.
Go to the manor and talk to Jessica's mother. They will reconcile.
Go to Farebury. After an advance in the plot involving a party
member, a person will make vile remarks about them. Talk with
him as the Hero. After he runs away, enter and leave a building.
Move a party member to the Hero's position, and he will say something

Hint: Final Fantasy 8
Angelo shares the same name as Rinoa's dog in Final
Fantasy 8

Hint: Final Fantasy 9
Alexandria is the name of the Castle where Princess
Garnet used the summon to protect herself form Bahamut in Final
Fantasy 9
. In Dragon Quest 8, that is the name of the
town where you meet Jessica.


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